When Taylor Little, who styles himself "Dom Seven," is unwillingly taken into custody by the Cadre, he is put between a rock and a hard place. Either he will go to jail for his abuses against the local BDSM community, or he will accept retraining from the bottom up, learning to be a slave before he ever lays a flogger on another human being again.

In this tale of redemption, Taylor must face his demons as he learns to accept his status with mouth, mind, and heart.

WARNING: This story contains scenes of sexual intimacy and BDSM.

Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing

He woke to a tapping on the bars, a regular, rhythmic tap- tap-tap. He palmed his hands across his eyes and sat up into the now-instinctive hunched-shoulder, head-down position he’d had to adopt to not hit his head on the top of the cage. His mind raced. Something was different.

Yelling and demanding hadn’t worked. Someone was here and not leaving. Maybe he should try a different approach.

He felt for the bowl of water, drank from it. It had been filled while he slept, so that was one question answered. He cleared his throat hesitantly and forced humility into his voice. “Hello? Um, my name is Taylor Little. Could you please tell me what’s going on?”

The tapping continued.

“The last thing I remember, I was at a—at lunch with a group of my friends, and then I was here. I don’t understand what’s going on.”


At the word “friends,” the tapper had stopped tapping, and now a low, deep chuckle rang through the room.

“Why are you laughing?” he demanded, humility forgotten at the insult. Nobody laughed at him. His boys learned that on the first day.

The voice continued to chuckle as it responded, “You have no need to know.”

“Why am I here? When am I going to get released?” He could feel a whining note creeping into his voice.

The chuckle died, and silence muffled itself against his ears. Then a deep, basso-profundo voice, a voice like every villain in every bad movie had ever had, spoke with certainty.

“Oh, I’m not sure they’ll ever let you go, Mr. Little.”

Reviews:Lyssa Dering on Goodreads wrote:

4 Star Review
As someone who's been active in the BDSM lifestyle, this book was a refreshing read. All too often when I'm reading about BDSM in fiction, especially romance (which this is not), it's clear that the author has no idea what they're talking about. Caraway Carter, on the other hand, does know what he's talking about.

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Amy Leibowitz on Goodreads wrote:

5 Star Review
I'm a sucker for a good story about repentance and forgiveness, so that's what resonated most with me about Taylor's story. He's not just being trained in how to do it "right." He's a hurting person who has done great harm because of the manner in which he was treated and the lack of good care or a healthy example in his life. Even for people unfamiliar with BDSM, Taylor's struggles will feel familiar. The stages he goes through from acknowledging his pain to fighting his inner demons are common to most people.

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