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Brina Brady reads and writes M/M Gay Erotica/Romance novels. Her first novel Rent Me was published in 2014. She’s a retired high school teacher with a Master’s Degree from California State University of Long Beach and UCLA. 

She enjoys taking writing classes in her spare time. Also, she’s a geek when it comes to new software. She loves new computers and software. Brina is married with three children and four grandchildren.

CC: Where do you keep your inspiration?
BB: I get my inspiration from various places. Sometimes, it begins in my head. I read articles online that affect me on an emotional level. First, I start with my characters. I search the internet for a muse to represent them. This helps me write about them. Another place I glean inspiration is from gay porn videos. I create a backstory for each character, then a basic idea which two will be partners.

CC: Do you have a favorite character you’ve written?
BB: For some reason, my heart belongs to Brennen in the Rent Me series. He was my first character that I felt so deeply for. I’ve written four books in the series and may write another. He is still talking to me and has so much more to say. I also love Shane in the Bend Over series.

CC: Have you self-published or would you consider self-publishing?
BB: I have self-published all of my eight books and plan to continue with self-publishing. I like the control over every aspect of my book which includes the cover, the plot, and the editor. It also gives me the power over the timing when I release my book. I don’t like to wait for anyone. Also, I can earn more money when I self-publish.

CC: Are you working on another book?
BB: I’m working on Cleary’s Boy, Irish Runaway Series #2. This is my first MMM book. The book takes place in Galway, Ireland. Jack and Kevin runaway from a bad Dom, and find a new one. They face many challenges and dangers. I’m hoping for an October release.

CC: Are you a plotter or a pantser or a combo of both?
BB: I’d have to say I am a combination of the two. In the beginning, I don’t plot and allow the characters to run the show for the most part, then midway, I plot scenes.

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