Flood: Chapter Three

“It may be that you changed homes, changed lifestyles…” Mama Glenn drifted off, but her voice encouraged me to fill in what she didn’t know. I nodded. “We did move to the wealthier side of town. It’s where I met Eth…” I let his name dribble out of my mouth, […]

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Flood: Chapter Two

The deep chuckle was near my ear, “yes… but you couldn’t get here otherwise.” His lips grazed the edge of my ear, and I could feel my skin and body react in a way I hadn’t had in a long time. Rolling over so I could stare into those eyes, […]

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Flood: Chapter One

Rain rattles against the high windows, and in the distance heavy thunder rolls. But I pay it no mind. Tonight I’m sworn to vengeance. This night, I have paper. Graphs and diagrams are all laid out before me.  I have their work schedules, pictures of their cars and smiling faces, […]

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