Saturday Seduction

Words Strung Together 11/7

I had a hard time coming up with something seductive to talk about today. Everything from leather, looks, voices, wine & cheese were tossed my way. I wanted to write about something that probably might fit better with my Monday Motivation days. However, I have been seduced by words. Words […]

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Food Porn 10/24

Food. I love it! Something about seeing it on the big screen, on the television, with just the right soundtrack playing in the background, cracking eggs, whipping cream, drizzling chocolate or honey, peeling an orange or watching ice cream melt in a bowl. It can be as seductive as a […]

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Sancta Paraphilia 10/10

Today, I found a little video that is the epitome of sensuality. It’s sinful, seductive and a lot bit naughty. Enjoy todays Saturday Seduction, “Sancta Paraphilia.” Also, check out the Huffington Post article that explains much more about the video. When I saw this video, I instantly thought of another WIP, […]

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