December 16, 2015

Christina Alexandra – 12/16


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Christina Alexandra hails from Southern California where she always dreamed of writing books for a living. A late-comer to the Romance World, Christina writes stories set in the Georgian and Regency periods, and uses all her experiences as inspiration to craft emotional stories with a unique twist on modern day issues. When not researching, writing or working, Christina spends her spare time travelling, and cooking – oftentimes with a historical flare. An avid trivia junkie, Christina is constantly on the lookout for random facts in the hopes that it will help her if she ever gets a coveted spot on “Jeopardy!” 

CC: Where do you write?
CA: Anywhere but at home. Between the Elders and the cats, I never get any work done there. My new favorite place is the Ink & Bean in Anaheim, CA. Great creative space, and endless amounts of delicious coffee. 🙂

CC: Why do you write?
CA: As I was reading a story by a very well known, USA Today & NY Times best selling author (who shall remain nameless), I thought, “Wow. I can do so much better!”

I’m talking about incomplete story lines, plot holes, hurried pacing, no emotional development between characters. A hero & heroine who go from “I hate you” to “I’m madly in love with you” in the span of 2-3 days. It became laughable and not very believable. While I’m all for the suspension of belief, that was a bit much for me.

CC: Where do you get your ideas?
CA: Oh, I know some people hate it, but this is one of my favourite questions! There’s no one answer, I get ideas from everywhere and everything. Sometimes even from nowhere.

Reality TV is a good place to idea shop. I can’t stand it, normally, but my sister makes me watch it when I visit. Nothing like narcissistic people to get the plot bunnies going. 🙂

Once it was a line of dialogue from a TV show, once it was song lyrics on the radio. Pictures! The internet is great for finding pictures and classic paintings to provoke an image. It’s just a short leap to get a story going. The Day Job can be especially inspiring some days.

Really, I can take the smallest thing and make a story about it. 🙂

CC: Have you written characters that are someone you know?
CA: One character is based on a coworker (she begged, so I said yes). A Regency Miss who is unlucky on the marriage mart finally gets her Hero. I even had my coworker pick her name – Prudence!

CC: Is there a genre you haven’t written, but would like to explore?
CA: I have a story percolating in my head that is a contemporary police-ish type (I say police-ish because the main character is a burned-out cop on leave). It’s part mystery, part paranormal. Funny thing is, I don’t write any of those genres! I have no idea where the idea came from. It just popped into my head while driving to work one day. It’s actually better suited for a series of novellas, rather than full length books. Again, something I don’t normally do.

CC: What do you do to stop procrastinating?
CA: I sign up for a contest or submission. Nothing kills procrastination like a deadline. A real deadline, not one I give myself. 🙂

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