Three people huddled together, two men and a woman

“I am a housewife, and I’m happily married. I am a little ashamed that we are sitting here having to explain to you, Officer Marin, what just happened.” Diane looks across the busy police station, her eyes landing first on her husband Jeremy, who managed to look up at the same time. She melted when his beautiful smile grew, his charcoal grey eyes twinkled, her smile matched his, and they both glanced across the room at the Brazilian man, waiting his turn. 

“Yes, I’ll go over it one more time. It was not a break in; it was not…” Diane bit her bottom lip, already plump from having been bitten so many times tonight, and mostly not even by her teeth. She wondered when Jerry had become such a biter, and a small chuckle came out of her mouth as she continued. 

Her eyes darted between the men, one she’d known for years, and the other had just entered her front door hours ago. Two sensual, seductive, sexual hours ago. Diane sighed thinking of those first moments when she’d entered the room, and then she had to pull a white linen hankie from her purse, to bring up to her forehead.  Her voice shook as she said the words the patient policewoman had been transcribing. “I’d just gotten home, a few minutes when I’d noticed my neighbor looking out her curtains. I’d seen the phone pressed to her ear, and I did not think anything of it. I placed my key in the lock, but the door swung open.” She brought the hankie to her chest and felt her heart beating a mile a minute. 

I had given Katrina specific instructions, for Cinnamon Twist to enter the house and surprise my husband in the bedroom. I wanted to walk in on them, to watch and then join in. I understood that it was risky, but I assured her that my husband would be thrilled. He had convinced me.

“I will tell you once more; this was not a break-in. Yes, Dorcas saw Adan enter our home, but…” Diane leaned in, looked Officer Marin up and down. Her brown eyes, the peach lipstick that was simply simple on her pale face. The tiny freckles that dotted her face blended in with the blush on her cheeks. Diane had sworn herself to secrecy. She’d promised not to reveal anything about the cookies. “Adan and my husband had arranged to get together to…” 

She was interrupted by a loud expletive from the officer talking to Jeremy. Diane looked up, lost in what she was about to say and saw Jerry shrug and smile. 

Officer Marin shouted, “Hey. Chuck, could you please be more professional?” 

“Sorry, Jennifer… but, oh man!” Chuck whistled and looked over his shoulder at Diane and then across the room at Adan.

“Mrs. Miller, if you will continue?” Officer Marin shook her head and sighed, bored by this break-in investigation. 

Diane cleared her throat, remembering the outburst, the shrugging and continued. “As I was saying, actually, I wasn’t honest that last time.” She blinked and chuckled as she realized she was about, to be honest.

“About which part?” Officer Marin looked over the paper, down through the scribbled lines.

“The part about my husband arranging to meet with Adan. It was my doing, I arranged it. I had run into Adan at the supermarket. Can you believe it? We reached for the same melon; his hand brushed over mine. And he stole it out from under my hand. He held it aloft, testing its heft and looking deep into my eyes, he… he… asked if mine were as firm.” Diane’s eyes glazed, her heart beating and she focused on Jennifer’s lips as she wrote the last word and Diane noticed the subtle flick of her tongue along the dry flesh. 

Their eyes met, and Officer Marin looked at the Brazilian, then back to Diane as she leaned forward. “Not a break-in, an overzealous neighbor who didn’t know, who imagined a mass murder, not a sexual encounter?” Her breath came in short gasps. She breathed out a few more times and made some notes.

“Yes, a sexual encounter, between three adults, all aware of what was going to transpire,” Diane spoke precisely, and just as breathlessly. “I had told Adan when my husband would be home and to enter the house a few minutes after him, and he would find the door unlocked and just to enter.” Diane saw Jennifer’s head tilt to the side. “Yes, my husband was aware of the arrangement. It was not a murder for hire plot, and it was not a break in, it was exactly what your mind is making it out to be.” Diane took a few deep breaths, remembering the way Adan’s tongue traveled the length of them, starting with Jeremy’s knees, sliding over to hers and then back again, teasing, licking, tasting… Diane pressed her knees together, and she felt a little weakened, her left hand gripping the hankie, her right reaching out to the desk, landing close to Jennifer’s where she’d placed her hand just above the paper.

“Mrs. Miller, are you alright, you look faint… Oh…” She balled the police report and tossed it in the can beside her desk. “Chuck, let’s let the Millers go.” She motioned with her hands. “This wasn’t what  Dorcas Grant assumed. Toss that report in the trash. The two,” she looked over her shoulder and nodded to the sexy, blue-eyed Brazilian. “The three of you are free to go.” 

As Diane slowly, shakily rose from the seat. Jennifer leaned in. “Just once?” 

Diane grinned and shook her head. “Not if I can help it.”

“Next time, have him arrive with one of you or knock on the door?” She chuckled.

As the threesome left the building, Jennifer reached into the can and pulled out the paper, and she ripped off the top with Diane Miller’s phone number.

To be continued 4/8


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