Day 100

Shelter in Place Day 100
The New Normal?

100 days since I sat at my computer and decided to post what it felt like being home. 100 days since I didn’t have to worry about getting ticketed for street sweeper day. Though, I’ve got two. Now I get up early like all the other out of work people and wait for the street sweeper to come around the corner so I can drive around the block and back to my space. 

100 days since I started not caring about stuff and decided to eat an excess of cookies, brownies, coffee cake, and ice cream. We all know how that turned out. 100 days since I woke up super early because I thought I should stick with my work schedule. 100 days since I spent all day in the living room watching tv and zoning out. 

In 100 days I’ve learned a lot more about my Husbear. I’ve learned he’s an amazing professor. The compassion he had for his students made me proud. He was available in office hour shifts six hours on Mondays & Wednesdays and four hours on Tuesdays & Thursdays. He’d end every zoom session with “Wash your hands!” And, “Be careful!” He’d check with them about their families and listen to them when things weren’t great, in addition to helping them with their questions. 

In 100 days I learned that when I had the spark to write, I could. I finished a short story and submitted it for a call in 2.5 weeks. But, I also noticed that during the past 100 days if I was stuck, I’d stay stuck for many more days. During the past 100 days, I’ve been cast in three Shakespeare plays where we do table readings of the plays on Zoom. I’ve been cast in two other table readings, one for a Patreon and the other is a secret one I can’t talk about. 

In January, I stepped up to be the president of the Orange County Chapter of RWA (Romance Writers of America). We had two physical meetings in our new location. Then the pandemic hit. In 100 days, we had one canceled meeting and three online workshops. Our fourth online is coming up in July. And its hard finding volunteers to help with things, because people are worn out. 

In 100 days, I got sick and I snapped out of my self-destructive ways. In 100 days the Husbear and I grew up and decided we wanted to live in an organized household. We wanted to take care of each other and our cat, Molly. We were shorn recently and we’ve had her long hair shaved for the summer. She’s so cute. 

In 100 days we’ve taken care of our financials and still managed to not fight. And if we do, we’ve learned to talk it out and be calm. In 100 days, I’ve discovered that taking time away from each other in this small apartment is still a good thing. He’s got his desk and I’ve got mine and they are on opposite sides of the apartment. But, in 100 days, I’ve discovered I still love to sit across from him at dinner. 

In 100 days, we’ve watched all of the Marvel films, all of the Star Wars films, and we’re on the last season of Babylon 5. We stopped watching BA Test Kitchen and are addicted to Downshiftology on all platforms. 

In 100 days, I’ve been in Zoom plays, had a drinking night with co-workers, zoomed with my old D&D group from college, zoomed two Seders, zoomed five RWA board meetings, and zoomed three meetings. 

Yesterday, I said no to going back to work. I don’t know how long it’ll be, but I’ve seen an uptick in cases and it’s scary to me. I’ve also made the decision to not be angry about the A-holes who refuse to wear a mask, even when it’s mandatory. I can’t change people’s minds. I still wear a mask to empty my trash and do my laundry in my apartment building, because I don’t know where my neighbors have been. 

It’s been 100 days and I’m pretty sure this all is my new normal. 

What have you noticed about your last 100 days?


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