Day 101

Shelter in Place Day 101

First off, I found out that Disney won’t be opening as soon as they wanted from a couple of news agencies. It’s usually what happens, the news finds out before we find out. But, CNN dropped the ball. 

It’s not that they didn’t report that Disneyland and Disney California Adventure weren’t opening, they did. They just used a picture of Mickey Mouse in front of the Disneyworld castle. You can clearly see it’s not Sleeping Beauty’s castle because it’s huge. 

Do your job, if someone was looking at the article and not reading everything, they’d see the castle and think, oh California is opening. I’m sure that’s not true, but from everything I’ve heard Florida is still moving ahead with their opening. Even though their employees have started a petition, much like our resort. Ours has 50,000 signatures on it. 

I’m grateful that they aren’t opening, I know we all want to go back to work, but with over 7,000 cases reported yesterday alone with the OC being one of the top locations with infections, it was just too soon. 

Getting complacent isn’t what we need right now. We need to be vigilant. Yesterday was one of the first days where I saw people actually wearing masks everywhere. We needed to have our car out of the garage for about three hours for power washing, so we decided to take a drive to pick up some things for our organization plans. 

The Container Store limited the number of people entering, required a mask and the cashier wiped down the counters. The employees were all wearing their masks properly, as were the people shopping. They did the same thing at PetCo, they weren’t limiting, but they had distanced spaces and all people had their masks on properly. 

I’ve been thinking of posting a cheat sheet on how to wear a mask properly and post it around town, I might even post one on the elevator in my building. The percentages of getting the virus I’ve heard were made up. But, it’s still safer if you wore one because some people don’t even know they have it. 

Anyway, know your castles and know your parks and know that DLand and DCA will not be opening for a while, however, Downtown Disney will be opening according to their original plan, for now. 

Did you know the difference between castles?


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