Day 102

Shelter in Place Day 102“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.” — Marie Kondo

Yesterday the Husbear and I KonMari’d the kitchen and I’ve never felt better. We threw away broken things we’d kept because people had given them to us. We’ve reserved other items we’ll donate because we used them maybe once or kept because we bought them long ago and always wanted to use them but didn’t.

We reorganized the space to better suit our needs. We moved items to lower shelves so that The Husbear could reach them and put other items higher on shelves if we didn’t use them often. We got a new knife block because we’d noticed that all our old knives were dull, no matter how much we tried to sharpen them.

I’ve never seen my fridge so organized. Everything is exactly where it needs to be and we’ve got the best-organized junk drawer ever. Dish towels that had holes in them were tossed, a broken bowl that had many memories attached to it was thanked and placed in the trash. Plastic take out food containers were thrown away, as were all the old plastic leftover containers. They multiply, I swear, we found them everywhere.

There were items that remained with us, things that brought each of us joy, even though we rarely use them. Like the blue glass champagne flutes that belonged to The Husbear’s dad and a set of glass partyware that belonged to my parents. Both sets on high shelves for future use.

The reason that lower cabinet doesn’t have any glass storage containers, is because most of them are in the fridge with the good food we’ve been getting. We decided to get more glass storage containers, but when the box arrived they were plastic. We discovered that the lids work on our current glass containers, so we kept them for the lids that don’t work now. And then we realized something else Marie Kondo suggests, using boxes to contain items in drawers. That’s why we’ve got the nicest looking junk drawer.

In the end, we’ve got two trash bags full of stuff, a trolly of three boxes, a lamp, and a rice cooker to go to goodwill and when all of that is moved out, our kitchen will be a more pleasant place to cook. Something I noticed about myself since I’ve changed my eating, I’m cleaning up after myself in the kitchen. This was even before we decided to lessen our load.

I’m taking stock of my life and I want to live. I want to be healthier, I want to live in a pleasant place and I want to know where everything is. I’m glad the Husbear and I are on this journey together. Besides, we also realized if and when we move, it’ll be easier to pack up.

I’ve posted a link to the album of pictures. We realized we didn’t take before pictures, but the afters are so much better.

Our ultimate goal is to get a house, where we can entertain and use the party plates and blue glasses. Where we can celebrate our friends and our lives.

Have you tried the KonMari method of tidying up?


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