Day 105

Shelter in Place Day 105

I spoke with my mom on Friday, she’s been checking in with me on my blood sugars and we pretty much talk at least once a week, maybe twice and text back and forth a lot more than usual. She sounded exhausted, she explained she’d been moving furniture around in the house and that she was finally taking a rest.

Saturday she texted me to say that she was sick, she’d been coughing all night and had a shortness of breath. I freaked out, of course, and asked what her temperature was. She didn’t know at the time. She said she was going to sleep in the bedroom all day and not do anything but watch the Hallmark channel. I messaged both of my aunts, but neither had gotten the messages.

Sunday rolled around and she sounded better but said she was going to lie in the bed one more day and she told me her temp, she said the cough was still there, but not as bad. Thought it might have been a flare-up of Epstein Barr. My aunt Ter called her three times on Sunday, to check in with her and make sure she was doing ok.

Also on Sunday, The Husbear got serious about everything and said we need to look into getting them some care so that you can get the power of attorney and rights so you can take care of them when they can’t take care of themselves. Both rents are in their seventies. I’m an only child and it’s time.

I called around to see what in care services ran and when I heard the price I just hung up the phone stunned. It’s more than I make in a week. So, Husbear called back and got the information, even asked about their competitors. And my mom said she was grateful that we were looking out for them.

She called to tell me the on-call nurse had told her it wasn’t COVID, and she stayed home. She had planned on laying in bed this morning, so she asked me to come down and take my dad to his doctor’s appointment at four and pick up some groceries for them. I’d planned on coming here around two to get it all done.

She called me back a few minutes later and said the RN from her doctor’s office said she needed to go to the ER to get checked out. I’ve just left her there. She called me, but her dogs bark so loud that I couldn’t hear her. I ended up sitting in my car to talk to her. My dad is trying to take a nap before his appointment and they bark at every move I make.

She told me they bark at every noise and sound, they just want people to lie down and be quiet. My dad is trying to sleep, but it’s hard. And if they admit her, I’ll drive back home to get my car and then drive back with a change of clothes and spend the night.

I cried when I left the ER, I’ve heard so many horror stories of people leaving their family only to never see them again. Please friends and family, please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers. She’s at the same hospital ER they took my dad after his heart attack and she’s in the same bed he was in, so she feels better. She called to tell me that her blood pressure is fine, she’s had the COVID test and said it felt like it pricked her brain.

I’m numb and scared and trying to be brave and I just found out they are admitting her, she has bilateral pneumonia. I’ll take my dad to his appointment and then head home, get my car, and come back. It’s parked on a street sweeping side and The Husbear can’t drive my car. I’ll get the groceries for them tonight and get my dad fed. And spend the night.

Please pray for my mom, thank you.


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