Day 106

Shelter in Place Day 106

There is this new DSW Shoe Warehouse commercial I’ve seen a couple of times that shows the employees wearing masks, but then they pull them down beneath their chins to talk. And it shows customers with masks below their chins too. One child even shouts, “Yes!” 

It’s commercials like this that perpetuate the idea that masks aren’t necessary while shopping. But, if that child was sick, and she shouted, the droplets would move fast and far. I know we are unfamiliar territory, but less is more. There is a commercial for Ikea that probably has a new voiceover to it. “What will be the first thing you’ll be able to do… We’ve found that you can’t wait to welcome people back to your home…” 

Commercials don’t need to give a false sense that a store cares by having employees with masks on, but removed to talk. Yesterday, I kept having to tell my dad to leave his mask on to talk. It’s just a piece of cloth over your mouth. People can hear you speak. And when customers are in a store in a commercial with masks not worn properly. I mean I understand the reason they pulled the mask down, but maybe just the customers should have worn them?

I dropped off insulin supplies for my mom this morning and I spoke with a nurse. She said they are still waiting on the test to find out if mom is COVID negative. I told the nurse that my Husbear was worried that I’d have to quarantine before I came back home. She asked if my mom had coughed on me or near me. I said she hadn’t. She went on to say that if we both wore masks and she coughed, we’re better off. So, if she’s got it I probably might have to quarantine, but if she doesn’t, I won’t have to. 

This is why its better that we wear masks. It’s not forever friends, but if you decide not to wear a mask it will be forever. I hate to repeat it, wearing the  mask means it must cover your entire face, nose too. You don’t need to wear it when you drive, but if you go through a drive-thru line, wear it for your safety and the cashiers too. Besides, you don’t know if the person in the car in front of you has it or not. The cases are only multiplying, we need to be careful. 

We still don’t know the results from the COVID test, but the test of her lungs came back good. On the positive side she’s in a private room in the ER still, the hospital is full, and there are people ahead of her who have been there for 72 hours. She’s hoping to come home sooner, rather than later. But, she’s alone with a TV and ice chips. She’s in good spirits and the dogs have gotten used to me. 

Also on a positive note, my food has stayed consistent, although when I went shopping I’m not going to lie, I craved some sweet things, but I got blueberries instead. I’m going to eat the salad I got and watch Insane Pools and relax. 

What do you think about how commercials are handling this?


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