Day 108

Shelter in Place Day 108

Thank you, everyone! She’s coming home. Four days of antibiotics pumping into her and oxygen and they are letting her leave the hospital in an hour. It’s been an interesting four days for me. Spending the days with my dad, watching television, and taking naps.

My mom is an amazing, strong woman. Full of humor and faith, she knew she’d win the battle with pneumonia. The big fear was that she had COVID, she beat herself up for going shopping at Big Lots! But, she has always been safe. Wore gloves and a face mask everywhere she went.

After my dad’s heart attack a year and a half ago, she stepped up and took care of everything. She drove everywhere, took care of my dad, and got over a lot of fears she used to have. I swear driving was the biggest hurdle for her, a woman who was used to driving a block to where she worked or shopped. In the past year, she’s driven to Oceanside a few times, which from San Dimas, is quite far.

I’ve learned a lot about life from my mom. I’ve learned compassion and faith and humor and love. And now I’ve learned patience too. I’m impressed with her every day, and it’s been hard in her shoes, my feet are larger. I’m kidding about that, but what she does and how she’s handled things, she’s my hero.

My beautiful, amazing mom will be home soon. I know she’s got a direct connection to God, but I also know that so many of you prayed and thought of her in all your ways. And I thank you and my dad and Husbear thank you too.

How are you going to celebrate my mom coming home?


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