Day 109

Shelter in Place Day 109
“Who lives, who dies, who tells your story.” — Hamilton

We stayed up to watch the release of Hamilton and I’m not ashamed I did it. I did have to remind The Husbear that it was 1 am and 130 am and 2 am because he was singing along with the musical. Even now after he’s apologized, I’ve apologized saying, “I don’t know if they were watching it above or below us.

OMG! It’s amazing! Oh My God! I’m blown away!

I ugly cried that last third of the musical, the staging was mind-blowing, the costumes were awesome and I don’t have the words for this masterpiece of a show.

After every show we watch or Musical we listen to, the Husbear always asks who I’d want to play if I could be cast. Tonight he asked, and I said. King George, of course. I didn’t even know he was in it as much as he was.
After it was over, and as I write this, I’m on a musical drop. I want more of it and I’m excited that I can watch it anytime. I look forward to the watch parties where we can tweet about it or Facebook it or live chat with each other over this song or that.

I’d heard about the staging that takes place during Helpless and Satisfied, but seeing it happen in front of me was stunning. I’d love to see it on stage, with a touring company, because I’ve seen it with the original cast, I think I can watch it again with different performers.

Hearing it on Spotify doesn’t prepare you for the entirety of the show. The staging and the choreography and the costumes and the show would be nothing without that ensemble cast. The energy, the love, the longing, the care for each song sung, and action is taken are breathtaking.

Another thing that blew me away were the actors who played dual roles. You don’t hear much about Jasmine Cephas Jones who played Peggy/Maria. She’s the sweet innocent young Schuyler sister in the first act and the temptress in second. The only other one that gets to kiss Hamilton, except for maybe in the eyes of Laurens. [Word on the street is that Laurens and Hamilton were lovers too.]

The fact that it’s on whenever I want to watch it, is wonderful. I want to sit on the floor in front of the screen like I used to do when I’d watch cartoons as a kid. I want to immerse myself in all of those fantastic voices and learn what brilliance I can glean from the show. I can’t sing it’s praises enough.

If you’ve got Disney+, take the time to watch the show. You don’t have to have heard the soundtrack to fall in love with the cadence and pomp. It’s maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but take a chance on it. It’s history made real, it’s a story told through the eyes of our people. It’s one man’s rise and fall and I swear everyone will be affected by the story.

Did you watch the midnight or three am show, depending on where you live?


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