Day 110

Shelter in Place Day 110

The Fourth of July is my least favorite holiday on the face of the earth. It’s part of the reason I would always work it at Disneyland. I hate fireworks. I don’t mind the ones that Disneyland shoots off, because they are done by professionals.

I hate the boxed sets that people by and shoot off. The people who party in the streets, get drunk and then shoot off box after box of ground spinners or Roman candles or firecrackers.

I owe it to the time I delivered pizzas for Pizza Hut in my thirties. I’d drive along the street with the pizza and people would toss spinners at my truck or one time under my truck as I got in to drive away.

I’d always volunteer to work the closing shift on the fourth. Usually Fantasmic or another nighttime show I’d be working. So, at least I wouldn’t have to drive home when the things would explode around me. At least during these sheltering in place days, I’m not out driving.

But the sounds are killing me, it just brings back the fear of those Roman candles burning, shooting out of control. It’s illegal for fireworks in Long Beach, but not in Signal Hill or Lakewood. So, my little area of California Heights/Bixby Knolls is surrounded by people shooting off what sounds like bombs.

It’s only getting worse because of today, but people have been shooting off these gigantic firecrackers for weeks now, they started way back in June and it’s giving me a nervous breakdown because the sound echos around my apartment lined street.

Is there really any reason to celebrate today?


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