Day 112

Shelter in Place Day 112
“Every time I think I can’t do it, I look at galley proofs and realize that I’m a published author.” — Joe Petty

I’m stuck at 40k in the third book in a series I’m working on. The first book is at the editor, the second book is fine the way it is and the third book is giving me grief and aggravation. Not to mention the fact that the only thing I’ve been able to write for the past 112 days is meanderings in my mind.

I think I finally found the spark to go back into my third draft of this third book and tackle it again. The character has been giving me grief, and I think it stems from my fear to write the character’s story. He’s a Latinx man, retired from the police force, and finally living the life he has always wanted.

For those of you who haven’t read my books, I write May/December romances, younger men and older men seem to be my specialty. I just find the trope interesting and fun to explore. I also explore their money and class differences. Hugo Marquez has been screwing with me, but I think tonight was the first time where I think I figured out some of the bumps in the road.

I’m learning how to write the best character I can, without him being a stereotype. Without writing like I think I know everything, and when I’m finished I’ve got a sensitivity reader lined up. I probably wouldn’t have batted an eye at this character three years ago when the story popped in my head, but now it’s been giving me grief.

And I’ve lost the joy of writing, at least until tonight. Until I picked up a craft book and really read what she was saying. Until I sat down and figured out really who Hugo was. I haven’t been this excited about getting back to work in months. I had hoped to have finished both books in this furlough time. But, all I accomplished in May was one short story submitted to a publisher.

That quote flashed up on my Facebook page as a memory. I first wrote that in 2015. I’ve got more galleys and self-published books. I’ve been at readings and signings and I’ve still got that everyday job [EDJ] because I’m not there yet. I’ve got my entire future ahead of me. I’m taking care of my health and writing is finally fun again.

Thank you Joe of 2015 for reminding me I’m a published author.

Have you had to remind yourself of something you’ve accomplished?


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