Day 113

Shelter in Place Day 113
“It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.” — Aristotle

I woke up at four am today because I had to move my car from Wardlow to Elm. They tend to ticket Wardlow right around five am, the earliest of the sign. They don’t usually get to Elm until around six forty-five. So I parked in the only available space at that time and walked back to my apartment.

I had two choices, go back to bed and wake up at six, to sit in my car until the sweeper came along or remain awake until six when I could go to my car, get a better space and wait. I chose the latter today.

I came back upstairs, where I did a few things in the kitchen. Lately, I’ve been drinking a large glass of water to start my day. I cut up a couple of oranges and placed in a huge pitcher of water for the day and made myself a cup of coffee. I sat in front of my computer at four forty-five and started reading Take Off Your Pants!: Outline Your Books for Faster, Better Writing by Libby Hawker. Low and behold when six am rolled around, I had a complete outline of the book that’s been giving me grief.

I got to my car and waited for forty-five minutes. Now there are two trains of thought in the street sweeper game. 1) Move out of the way of the sweeper and 2) drive around the corner and come up behind to a new space. I tend toward number two because I feel like all the trucks and vans take up the other space around the sweeper and the ticket Prius’s. Today I drove around the block and lost my first good space, to end up with a spot just past my building.

I got back to the apartment, took off the mask and the Husbear was “awake” asking if everything was ok. I said, “Just moved my car, washing my hands. I’ll take a nap later because I’m super wired.” He said, “Ok” and went back to sleep.

I got another cup of coffee and am back at the computer to finish the book and get the pacing down. I’ll wake him at eight for his meds and again at nine to get ready for the day. I’ll make breakfast and jump in the shower before taking a long nap. [which means probably about an hour.]

Do you find getting up earlier in the morning a motivator?


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