Day 53

Shelter in Place Day 53

I’m furloughed, I’m not working and I don’t think Disneyland will be back to full capacity for quite a while. I don’t see myself going back at least until June, possibly July. My job isn’t an essential one in the park. 

I know nothing about other areas of the park starting at all. Perhaps with the option of curbside pickup, some of Downtown Disney will open up, but I think that’s a long stretch. It might be the type of thing where they’ll let guests pull up to an area to wait for someone to bring something out. But, even that seems farfetched. 

I work in Entertainment Costuming, a department that is devoted to shows and parades in the parks and supporting performers and characters and hotel dining. None of which I see starting up anytime soon. Especially if restaurants are only available for pickup. 

It’s going to be a while until our parks are open. Imagine how you’ll even get to the park, those trams are notorious for squishing people in the seats. No opportunities for social distancing on the trams. And even half capacity is a lot of people. 

We’ll see how Shanghai does. 

So, I’m waiting for my EDD card. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to do anything with the EDD. So long, that now it just gets added to a debit card, and luckily they’ve arranged it where you can just have your money automatically transferred into your bank account. 

That’s even a new feature from when The Husbear was on unemployment because he had to withdraw the funds from the card and add them to his credit union. We’ll be able to just have it direct deposited into our account. Thing is there’s a fee if you do it before you get your card, so we’re playing a waiting game. 

If it wasn’t for those stimulus checks we’d be screwed, because I haven’t gotten a check since April 23rd. That was the last check from Disney. I’m grateful my Husbear has a good-paying job, otherwise, It’d be tough. 

I know some of you are struggling. I wish I could help. I wish I could come over and give you extra food I have, but I worry about cross-contamination, and the Husbear has existing conditions. Hell, I’m Diabetic, I’ve got existing conditions.

We’ll come through this, it’s going to be tough for a while, so if you need a shoulder to cry on or scream at or complain, text me, message me, however you know to get a hold of me, do it. 

How are you fairing? Are you still getting paid or have you gone on unemployment too? (You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. Apparently this pandemic has made me more of an open book.)


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