Day 54


Shelter in Place Day 54

I’ve been baking like everyone else. I got some King Arthur Gluten Free baking mix and made GF Cinnamon Crumble coffee cake that tasted as good as the Bisquick coffee cake I remember my grandma making. I’ve made GF chocolate chip cookies, from a box. A terrible version of GF Brownies that The Husbear loved, but I felt were just way too chocolatey and not done in the middle. I’ve also taken a swing at banana bread. 

 I’ve still got some King Arthur Brownie mix and I think I’ve deemed Thursday to be coffee cake day, so I still see more baking in my future. I’ve got flax seed and chia and a ton of almond flour and coconut flour. I’ve got baking things available. I wish I had some yeast though. 

But, the thing I’ve discovered how to make and blew my mind how much better it tasted, was mayonnaise, and I’ll never go back to best foods. This just tastes way better all around. And the other night I took another attempt at pesto. Basil, pine nuts, parmesan and olive oil. I totally forgot the minced garlic. So, I added a spoonful to the finished jar. And now, I’ll never go back to store bought again either. It’s so rich and tasty, was amazing in the frittata I made too. So, now I’m looking into pickling some onions and some cabbage. They are new attempts at fun food stuff.

What sorts of new things have you tried to make aside from baking? Oh heck, what new baking feats have you accomplished. 


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