Day 57

Shelter in Place Day 57

Wearing a mask has become the new normal. There are so many people making masks, they make them for the frontline workers, they are making them for family and friends. They can be simple in design or elaborate. 

For Mother’s day, I gave my rents cute ones my friend made, my friend who I’ve told everyone about. I’ve got a couple of black masks, that allow me to slip another piece of protection inside. 

But, the thing that is frustrating me now, is seeing everyone not wear the masks properly. Or touching their faces still. They complain that their glasses are fogging up, that they can’t breathe, that its uncomfortable. 

There are a lot of uncomfortable things we have to go through in our lives. Wearing a mask when you go outside is far from being that tough. You don’t have to wear it when you are driving, but if you are in a drive-thru line, you should be wearing your mask, because you don’t know if the person in the car in front of you has it, hell you don’t know if you have it. 

Protect us, and protect yourself. If you are in a line anywhere, wear a mask. If you are running, wear a mask. If you are hiking around other people wear a mask. If you are picking up or mailing something out at the UPS, wear a mask. Or the USPS, wear a mask. 

People will know if you are smiling, it shows in your eyes. Look cute in masks, the cashier at the In N Out said, “That’s a sloth?” I said yes, and we both had a laugh. 

The numbers are only rising, after all of those protests. I’m worried, they’ll only get higher as people get lax with their masks. I wore a mask and still distanced myself from my mom on Mother’s Day. We sat outside six feet apart, it wasn’t exciting, but it was nice seeing my parents. And knowing I wasn’t putting them in danger from anything I might have run into while shopping on Friday. 

Masks aren’t fun, but living is more fun. 

Have you been taking masks seriously?


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