Day 58

Shelter in Place Day 58

I have a friend that I work with at the Mouse and she loves my writing, but she said she loves it more when I read it to her. I’m not really a reader-out-louder, I’m sorry I couldn’t think of the real word. My family has a tendency to rename something. Like one time my mom couldn’t remember the name for something and she called it doby boy, turns out she was talking about crown molding. And another time I couldn’t remember the name of something and I said to The Husbear, you know camping stilts. I was talking about cots. 

So, I know now that the word I was looking for was narrator. Sheltering in place has got me taking longer to get to a point as well, I suppose. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to do a podcast, told you that a long time ago, but I have no idea what to talk about. 

I’m only bringing this up, because an author friend of mine just invited me on to hers and I’m excited. It’s my first foray into being on a podcast. But, aside from that do you think I should youtube my stories? I do have a few that aren’t naughty. 

I know quite a few authors are doing it, but I’m not releasing any of my new work until next year, so I guess if I record a few of my stories, they’ll be around for when my books come out eight months from now. 

Would you watch me, as I read from one of my books?


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