Day 62

Shelter in Place Day 62
“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.” — A.A. Milne
The other day our cat Molly was nowhere to be found. Neither of us had left the door open or even gone out, but we couldn’t find her. The hall closet door was open, but instead of closing it, we left it open most of the day, in case she’d decided to come out. I eventually closed it, because she wasn’t inside. But she wasn’t in her house of yarn, that she’s created under our drafting table. She wasn’t on our bed or in her basket or on her chairs or on our couch, or near her food, or on the counter in her bathroom. Nowhere. In the morning, we have a ritual, where I’ll get on the floor to help The Husbear with his shoes, and usually she meanders into the room to lie alongside my leg. Not that day, she didn’t come out when we called. We called for her all day, and then I finally decided to check under the bed and she was right there at the foot just trying not to look at me. And I realized we’re demanding a lot from her. My schedule used to be Sunday through Thursday and I was usually gone before The Husbear even woke up. So the ritual shoe thing was a Friday & Saturday thing only for her. Occasionally, I’d go in later and we’d do it, but for the past 60 days we’ve been calling her to lie beside me. She’s probably sick of us. A few times she’d come toward us, but stop in the hallway and lie down. Not budging. I forgot to mention that after the shoes are tied, she gets a belly rub or a head rub and I give her some loving. I noticed the other day when she came upon the sofa to sit beside me that she’d had a lot more dander. I read an article and I’ve posted it along with this, that we need to give our pet room. Let them have a place where they can get away and relax. I’m glad I haven’t gone down and moved the yarn bed. We’re stressing our pets out. Give them room, let them come to you when they’re ready.
Have you noticed issues with your pets?


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