Day 65

Shelter in Place Day 65
“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

This morning I have to move my car. It’s the first time in two months. I suppose it’s time. And what did it do the other day? Rain. So, I bet my car is a muddy mess. The sign says street sweeping is between 5am and 8am, so I’m going to head out there around 6, and hope there isn’t a ticket.
There wasn’t a ticket, so I got in my car and filled up the tank, paying extra for a carwash, I left my gloves on for all of this, once in the car wash, I pulled off the gloves, slipping my finger in the underside, and removed the face mask. Then I sat in the car as Percy was finally washed. Afterwards, I drove to my good friend, Tari’s house.
I spent more time with Tari, she set up a chair and a side table that had my masks on them, a green one for The Husbear and an orange one, full of oranges for me. I sat in the chair with my sloth yoga mask on and she stood and sanitized her groceries, in a beautiful pink floral mask.
We talked about everything. I discovered that when you order cold items from Amazon prime, you get free water bottles, because they freeze them to keep the food cold. She’s got quite the system. She lays out all the boxes and packaged goods on a table, puts all the produce in a bowl off to the side. She sprayed the packaged goods, both sides and around the package with a bleach/water concoction, then wiped everything down.
Tari told me she also washes her produce in a vinegar and water solution. I’ve been wiping packages down with a soap/water solution, until we got bleach, and now I use the bleach/water solution. I wipe it down and then place it all back in my trolly and then put everything away. I will have to try the vinegar/water solution next time I shop.
I spent a good thirty minutes with her, apologized for running off, but wanting to get a space still close to the house. The street sweeper had been through, because where I found a good space, the car behind me had a ticket. When I got back to the apartment, I was able to finish this entry and make a date with Tari next Wednesday for when I have to move the car again. She wakes up at 4am with her husband, so it’s not like I’m waking her up.
This is another time that I wish I lived in a house or that we had two parking spaces. Street sweeping days and laundry days, two days that I yearn to live in a house for. I suppose it’ll be nice to be out and in my car.

Do you have to deal with street sweeping? Or do you have a cleansing ritual?


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