Day 66

Shelter in Place Day 66

“What the fuck?” — Joe Petty

On Tuesday a transformer blew up and then a couple hours later our power went out for about a minute. Unfortunately, after the power came back up, one of our kitchen lights had burned out. And as I was cooking dinner, I could see the other one start to flicker. I went to the light switch to turn them off and turn them back on, but nothing came back on. 

So, we called our building management and they sent out our maintenance guy, who tested the breaker, bulbs & switch. Then said, “This is above my pay grade, we’ll send an electrician. It’s the ballast. 

The reason for the comment at the top, ‘when Ian our maintenance guy showed up he was wearing a mask and gloves. And he came right away, I was taking a nap, because of the early morning car switch thing. I wake up and The Husbear tells me it might not be the light switch. So, I’m told an electrician is coming over. 

He knocks and we put on our fabulous new mask from Tari and when I open the door he doesn’t have a mask on. I ask if he has a mask and he says “No I don’t. But, you guys do so that’s ok.” He goes into he kitchen and fixes our lights. He’s here maybe 15 minutes. 

The Husbear is in the living room and I’m in the office, we both have our masks on. I send a message to him, letting him know I’m uncomfortable. He sends back that the guy is whistling through his teeth while working and that he’s uncomfortable too. I suggest we contact our management company, he agrees and says, look we’ll just open all the windows and wipe the kitchen down with the bleach/water solution. 

When I go into the kitchen, I’ve noticed he’s left his drill on the top of our fridge. I put on a glove and walk to take it back to him. When I’m in the garage I extend my arm out and say, “Sorry I’m protecting myself.” 

He responds with, “It’s ok, I tell everyone protect themselves the way you feel you should. You take care of yourself.” 

I say, “You should too.” And turn to walk back to my apartment.

What The Actual Fuck? How can you be in a position, where you walk into people’s homes and fix their stuff without a mask? You don’t know who lives there, you don’t know if they have it or someone else in there does, hell you don’t know if you have it. 

So, you come into my house and whistle while you work, without a fucking mask? First it was last Saturday when that guy walked between The Husbear and I, as though we were holding the door open for him. And now an electrician getting paid by my management company comes in without a mask. I’m sick of people. Fine you don’t care about you? Stop putting my health at risk. Maybe I have to make pamphlets for people every time I run into someone who isn’t wearing a mask.

Have you run into inconsiderate people like I have? 


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