Day 67

Shelter in Place Day 67“People who love to eat are always the best people.” — Julia Child

My favorite show on tv is actually a youtube channel. If you love cooking as much as I do, you should be watching the BA Test Kitchen on youtube. Some of my favorite shows are Gourmet Makes, where Claire Saffitz makes gourmet versions of your favorite junk food. And Kitchen Talks where all the chefs discuss or make their favorite foods. Since the sheltering in place began, they’ve taken the show to their homes. Where kids, dogs, and cats run behind or in front of their cameras. It’s their lives. It’s fun and awesome and I’ve wanted to try almost everything they’ve made. Today it was kitchen talks and there were teams of two rating foods from 1 to 100. The teams were Brad & Gaby, Andy & Chris, Claire & Delaney (The two I’d write fanfic about.), Carla & Molly, Christina & Sohla, and Rick & Amiel. The foods they rated are listed below.
MilkBlack LicoriceGreen Bell PepperWhite ChocolateOJ with PulpSumacNuts in BrowniesPineapple on PizzaRaisinsMayonnaise
It was funny to hear how these chefs rated the foods. Some were adamant, and into the negative for some and others were 100 definitely. I did my best, but I had issues. Like Milk is so general. But, even last night I said, there is nothing more satisfying than an ice-cold glass of whole milk. I’d give that a 100. But just any milk would probably be a 50.
So, let’s play a little game.
Milk – 50, unless it’s an ice-cold glass of whole milk, then it would be 100.Black Licorice – 10, unless it’s in my fav homemade liqueur: The Black Death or Happy Fluffy Bunny, as it was renamed, then it would be 90. Green Bell Pepper – 20White Chocolate – 75OJ with Pulp – 75, unless it’s fresh-squeezed, then 100.Sumac – 20, I’ve actually never had itNuts in Brownies – 14, if they are on top, then 74Pineapple on Pizza – 1Raisins – 75Mayonnaise – 75 if it’s Hellman’s Best Foods, 100 if it’s my own yayonaisse.
What would you rate each of them?


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