Day 69

Sorry, this is late, I was Cobweb in a table reading of A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream. 
Shelter in Place Day 68

We got gifts we’d promised ourselves. We splurged on a Roomba [they frighten me only because they are robotic and move on their own.] And the Instant Pot [The Husbear is afraid of this because he thinks it’ll explode.]
So, first the Roomba won’t me put together until we get some other furniture we’ve ordered, so we have time to get to know our little robot. The Husbear says he’s not sure what to name the Roomba yet, so this gives us time. 
The Instant Pot is out of the box and sitting in my trolly. I read through all the hazards and warnings and now even I’m a little afraid to use it. Sometime tomorrow I’ll get to doing the first cleaning and set up. I’ve already jumped into the Instant Pot Facebook group and gotten my first recipe. I’m super stoked to make French Onion Soup. I’ve got a load of yellow onions, we’re both shocked it only takes about 18 minutes. 
I’ve added the recipe.

I know a lot of you have instant pots, what about Roombas? Or have you splurged for something equally exciting?


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