Day 70

Shelter in Place Day 70

This is really late today, because we slept in until 1030, didn’t actually get out of the bedroom until 1130. Had brunch and watched a Home Town we’d already seen, but still watched a little comfort show.
We’ve purchased a couple of pieces of furniture to make our lives easier. We’ve got a cabinet for beside The Husbear’s desk area, to clean up the area around his chair. And a cabinet for me in my office. So we took about three hours after lunch to organize and get rid of the trash that’s been bogging us down.
We dusted and picked up detritus from the floor. I removed the 17 books on the coffee table and paper and stuff that didn’t belong there. I threw out the cat bed for the cat that left us, Toby. He never laid in it. And put the extra coffee table books in that basket. I organized the box sets for Babylon Five and used a table my mom gave me for remote control storage.
I cleaned off the desk beside our couch, so I have a place to use the loom. And threw away tons of paper we didn’t need. The Husbear organized his space too. We feel lighter than we’ve felt. We got rid of the things that didn’t give us joy anymore. It was more of a tidying up than a purging.
We looked at today as a holiday, we could hear a family in the back of the building having a party, but we cleaned and we made way for our new furniture. Monday’s are usually take out night, but we did take out last night. We’re making Monday’s Cook’s Choice. So, I’m about to delve into what I can make with the new Instant Pot.

What did you do for your “Holiday” off?


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