Day 72

Shelter in Place Day 72

It’s street sweeping day again. When I was working this wasn’t that big of a deal, because I’d have an early shift. Even if I had to be at work by seven, the guy that issued tickets usually doesn’t get to our street until 630 or 700. So, I’d be gone by the time it happened. It was even better when I had my deployment shift that started at 430, so I was gone before they even thought of tickets. 

Without working, I’m left to being one of about 5 people that sit in their cars and wait for the ticket issuer to arrive, they scramble till he passes and the sweeper arrives then, go back to their spaces afterward. They get their same spot every week. 

Today, I’m sitting in front of Valvoline to get my tires filled, from being on the street for two months without movement and I figured, they sent me a card, I’ll get the oil change I should have gotten back in March. 

They open at 700, it usually only takes 15 minutes, so I’m good. I’ll be back in my regular space and next Wednesday, Tari and I will do the sprints we promised. I’ll socially distance on her patio like I did when I picked up my mask, but I’ll actually write this time. 

I just sneezed and actually said out loud to no one, it’s just dust. I’m in my car, there isn’t anyone around and I needed to let myself know that It’s just dust. I’ve got to make myself feel better any way I can. 

I just looked at the Valvoline card that was sent to me in the mail and it says they open at 8 am, there are people coming into work now, so I’m really hoping that the website has the correct hours and these are just old cards. I mean I could get out of my car, but I just saw someone walk in with keys. It’s 636 now, I’m hoping it’s still 700 and not 800. That’s a long time to wait here. 

I wore my sloth mask, to brighten their day, I wasn’t wearing it while I was waiting, but I thought I’d put it on, now as people are starting to arrive. I took a picture of the door with the times, and it looks like it says 700. 

People are out walking without masks, saw a woman in front of my building, and a guy just now with earbuds in. The worker I saw was wearing a mask, so I’m pretty sure everyone here will have one. There isn’t notice anywhere on the outside of the building that says its required, but safety on my side to bring one. I’m not wearing it as I’m waiting, but my engine is off and it’s cool outside with the windows down. I’m drinking coffee as I wait. A guy walking his dog doesn’t have a mask. I’m worried that people think this is done unless it’s that thought that no one has been in this area at this time of the morning. There’s just too much in the air about how it spreads. 

What are you doing on my street sweeping day?


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