Day 73

Shelter in Place Day 73
“Our life is frittered away by detail… Simplify, simplify.” — Henry David Thoreau

I think I’d posted that we ordered some storage to make our life easier. I’m not sure about you, but we tend to hoard a lot of books and paper. We’ve been going through stacks of paper to see what we’ve saved that we don’t need to save.
The Husbear has been going through stacks of bills we’ve saved and don’t have to. Government mail, W2’s, pay stubs, payments for tickets, car stuff. You name it we’ve saved it.
I went through stacks of paper to find print outs of already published manuscripts. I don’t mean just one solid copy, I mean like two, sometimes three of the same manuscript. I found worksheets from classes taught at OCC RWA when we actually met. I think I found one from the first year I was there.
The cabinet I purchased, was larger than I thought. I had to move one drawer system that failed me the first day, under the Husbear’s desk. My bookcase would also not fit there, so we moved bookcases too. We pulled The Husbear’s bookcase into the living room, where he essentially works from his desk area. And I moved my bookcase to where his was.
Oh, and I built that piece of furniture yesterday, the door opens to reveal two adjustable shelves. I’m so excited about getting it filled tomorrow. The top basket, I’m thinking of filling with my planning stuff.
We’re finally getting organized and it feels so good. And the living room still looks as good as the picture I took the other day. We’re waiting on one more cabinet for the front room, and I’ll get that built too. I was exhausted yesterday night, I was ready to fall into bed and call it a day. But, I finished writing this super early this morning.

Have you been organizing your space?


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