Day 78

Shelter in Place Day 78
Today isn’t about me, today is about #blackouttuesday

I’m one white male voice, I’m an ally even when I can’t leave the house. I’m supporting the only way I can because I can’t be on the frontline holding a sign or an umbrella or rushing someone away if they get injured. There are people with heart failure and diabetes in this apartment. The pandemic is still going on, I could bring death into this home.

So, I donate money where it’s needed. I’m here to listen and hug from afar. I’m here to give you the resources you need to do what you can do to help. What I’ve discovered about #blackouttuesday @yungbabytate on Twitter says: “I don’t think the purpose of the blackout is to stop posting everything, it’s to stop posting your own personal content for at least one day. Keep people informed. Don’t stop THAT. But we don’t want to see your new single artwork or hair review or flash sale or selfies today.”

@itswalela reminds us that it should be BlackOutTuesday, not BlackLivesMatter if you continue to IG black squares with BLM, then all people are finding when they search that hashtag are black squares. Change the hashtag to BlackOutTuesday to support.

@sorrybythway on Twitter said: please consider donating to a different fund that is NOT the Minnesota freedom fund, they have stated that they are overwhelmed with donations and plenty of other organizations need your help, I am going to provide a thread of links to donate under this thread. That link is here.

@ambivalcnt on twitter put together a doc with petitions, places to donate, call, or email to demand justice and share. You can find it directly here. or you can read her thread on Twitter – is what I can do to support.

How are you supporting?


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