Day 80

Shelter in Place Day 80
“If you could take a time machine back 10 years, what would you tell your past self?”

I’d tell myself, look bud. You’ve got a great guy in your life. He’s the most intelligent man you’ve ever known. He can take an idea and find a million other connections and it’ll blow your mind. He’ll make you feel like a million bucks.

Listen to him, understand him, and know when he needs your help. But, also, remember he has a hard time with new things, try not to be too adventurous with him. Stay calm and know he loves you, even when you don’t love yourself.

Also, I know you can’t believe it now, but in about five years you are going to have sold your first short story, and then another and then a book. Believe in yourself. Know that people don’t buy things because they want to make you happy. They buy things because it’s good. You are also going to be making friends with successful people, with the authors you’ve always admired. And when one of them points out that you are a great writer, believe them.

The biggest thing you need to remember is that it isn’t always about you. Be the feminist and let the women soar. Fight where you can, you don’t have to go out among the crowds. Be an ally, support those in need. You’ll be making more, so donate where you can. You’ll come out of this a better human being. You are doing the best you can, but know this and learn this. Everything will be all right. It’s your motto, remember it.

Love your family, even if they make you crazy at the time. Tell your dad that you love him because you almost lost him. Call your mom more, The Husbear says you are always in a better mood after talking to her. And he knows when you laugh a certain way, you are talking to her. Keep Laughing.

Keep in touch with old friends, you might never see them again, but remember them. You’ll be out of work for a while, but keep talking to your work friends, they need it and so do you. Oh and about work, you’ll be working at Disneyland longer than you ever thought, but one day you’ll take a class, a writing class, and you’ll discover a side of yourself you never thought possible. Coming back to you now, you’re already 13 years there. You can make it another 2.

The most important thing I can tell you is to trust. Your intuition, your heart, your family, you Husbear, your friends, your life.

And be happy.

What would you tell your past self?


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