Day 81

Shelter in Place Day 81

I can’t believe how close our present day is to Babylon 5. Just last week we were watching an episode from season 2, called Gropos. In the episode, a large battle cruiser showed up outside the Babylon 5 and there were so many soldiers that they didn’t have enough room for them, so the people on the station were forced to room with the soldiers.

I said that’s crap why would they let people do that and The Husbear said, “That’s why we have the third amendment. He explained that you can’t force soldiers to live with other people without their permission. Low and behold, I wake up to see that the third amendment is being discussed, because the Mayor of DC, kicked out Mayor Bowser kicked the Utah National Guard out of all DC hotels today.

This world is going crazy. If you are just getting your news from the news stations, please investigate Twitter and see what really is happening. A woman and her husband were arrested last night while sitting on their stoop watching a peaceful protest. A man walked up to a line of guardsmen and they pushed him away. He stumbled backward and fell, hitting his head. College students with their hands up, in the peaceful protest, were slammed with bicycles, and police began hitting them with billy clubs as they were stumbling backward. A group of people was walking with their hands up showing that they had nothing to throw, in the middle of the afternoon and a policeman pulls the mask down on a black protestor and sprays him with mace.

These aren’t being shown on regular television, but it’s happening daily on twitter, where people are filming and uploading everything that has happened. Just like the girl who filmed the 9 agonizing minutes that Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s neck. This isn’t the world I signed up for. I hate this timeline. And, I’ve tried not to be political in these pages, but I can’t stand for this any longer. It seems as though Orange 45 wants to stay forever, building a fortress around our house. Around the People’s House.

This has been a hard week for me, I’m sure it’s affected quite a few of you as well. I can’t even imagine asking a question regarding what’s going on in this world. 

How are you holding up 81 days into the mess of this world?


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