Day 82

Shelter in Place Day 82

It dawned on me last night that it’s June. We’ve all seen the memes that say it’s the 97th day of Juntember. But, really it’s halfway through the year and I only worked at my job for two months and 16 days.

It blows my mind that we’ve been out this long. But, things are settling down. The Husbear and I are getting a system. We’re cleaning and organizing and putting our life in place. Even Molly our cat has her own system. She’s nesting under a table in our office, she’s discovered a basket that had yarn in it and it’s her new bed. At times when I’m working, she’ll come out and lay on my foot. Or bite me when she’s out of food.

Thanks to a friend, I started breaking up my days when I do things. Groceries on Fridays and other errands on Thursdays. With street sweeping, I think I’ve figured it out. You sit in your car until the street sweeper comes down the street. Pull away so he hits the curb where you were. You can go back to the spot, and the ticket person will skip your car, unless it looks like the sweeper drove around it, then they’ll come along behind and ticket you.

I personally started off the sheltering, with focusing on my writing. And I haven’t kept up that bargain I made with myself. I’m going to refocus my efforts on taking care of those old things I used to do and do them. I’ll be keeping up with my planner and carving time out to write. I’m almost finished with book three in the four-book collection I wanted to release next year. If I get it finished by the end of this month, I can spend the next quarter working on the fourth book.

I’ve invested in classes that I’ve ignored and I need to focus. Half the year has gone by and I’m 20k from the end of this book because I got hung up on one aspect of the book. I need to write around it until I’ve got it figured out. I’m not dumb, I feel like it sometimes, because I can’t focus on what I’m reading, but I know I’m not dumb. I’ve got hangups because I didn’t finish college and because I work at Disneyland. But, I’ve had some great opportunities at Disneyland, doing jobs that other people don’t get to do. And, I learned how to do them, so if I take time, I know I can learn how to do the things that are driving me crazy with my author platform.

Six months in and finally I hear another couple yelling at each other in my building, it makes me relieved that the Husbear and I aren’t the only ones who get on each other’s nerves sometimes. The walls in this building are pretty thick, you don’t hear just anything. We share one wall with the apartment next door. My office wall is their living room wall. So, when they yell, it’s heard.

Otherwise, this building has been a refuge, nothing has disturbed our sheltering. Just my brain trying to convince me that I can’t do something I’ve set out to do. Trying to say that playing games will be better for me than actually writing.

I’m going to try and focus, and plan, and write.

What are you doing six months in, if you aren’t working at your old EDJ [Every Day Job]?


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