Day 84

Shelter in Place Day 84

We’ve been escaping into science fiction lately, in the form of Babylon 5. The funny and strange thing is that the episodes and their timeline are freakishly similar to ours. So far, they’ve dealt with a plague, amendment 3, a president who shouldn’t be, senators who go against the people, and systemic racism.

Every time we discover something similar, I look across the room and The Husbear nods his head. We’ll pause the show and discuss how similar it is with what is going on now. It’s like the time we saw Zootopia in the theater and I leaned in and said, “OMG, this is about racism.” You don’t expect those types of things in a comedy, especially a cartoon comedy from Disney. But, there it was, plain as day.

The political drama of Babylon 5 is amazing, it’s every vampire game I ever played wrapped up in an episode of television. Let me explain. A long time ago, ten to fifteen years ago I played Vampire LARP. LARP=Live Action Role Play.

I played various characters throughout the years. Characters like Sydney Bowles Toreador, a photographer who frenzied when he was told that photography wasn’t art. From a model no less. Bob Davidovich Malkavian, who learned how to play the game of politics from people all over the country.

One of the cool things about the LARP group I played in, it wasn’t the Camarilla, it was an independent game. Anyway, downtimes were played during games online, in emails and chats. So that when you did get a live game, you already knew people. I played at an out of town game in DC and knew half the people.

The number one thing I learned about politics is “Don’t say anything publicly.” Otherwise, everyone knows what you’re thinking. Send private messages, send private emails, keep all the things you know to yourself. [Also, don’t write it in a book you carry around, those can get stolen.]

This information learned in a game has passed on into my real life. Sure it took me until 55 to finally put things in place, but I have learned to not blurt out my anger in public. Unless it’s politics. I decided a few years back, that if something bothers me, then I have to share it. If I lose readers, friends, or family. I have to realize that my life depends on being there and protecting those who need help.

Have you changed the way you do things in your life from unusual sources?


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