Day 85

Shelter in Place Day 85

I took a trip to Kaiser today. Drove around for a good space, when I realized there weren’t any I parked and put on my mask. I stepped out and headed in the direction of the other masked people. Stood in line for like a minute and then it was my turn. It’s the first time I’ve had my temperature taken outside a building.

They placed a sticker on the left side of my chest which reads: Screened: Member Date: 6/9 Notes: Lab/Pharmacy I was there for blood tests. They placed me in an elevator with a woman, we were in the two back corners. There was a strip of orange tape in each of the four corners. Which worked with two, but the distance between the back and the front is not six feet.

In the lobby, there were different lines for everything. A woman who had gotten in the elevator before me, I assumed I’d let her get in line before me. But she walked over and stood in the corner of the room near the entrance, on a green sign. I stood six feet behind the man who didn’t know what he was doing. When I got to the front I’d turned around to look for the woman and she’d been moved across the way to another green sign and someone else was in her old spot. As I turned to head to labs, the woman I’d ridden up with was at the Pharmacy stand.

My number was 265, they had just called 263, and I felt the need to use the restroom, but I wanted to get my blood done first. Another two minutes and they called 265. They asked if I’d been fasting, my answer was yes. They tied around my left arm and the man sighed, I looked at him and said, oh it’s usually the other arm. I got twirled around and sure enough, he found the vein. Seven tubes later he said, just drop the container off when you are finished.

I went to the restroom, did the thing I needed to do, dropped off the container and I was out of there in like thirty minutes. The fastest I’ve ever been at Kaiser. As I’m writing this, I’ve pulled off the sticker from my chest, went to UPS, and forgot it’d been on. Just peeled off the cotton swab. I’m impressed with Kaiser, I don’t know why I hated them for so long. I’ve got a great doctor and everyone is so nice at the location I go to.

The reason for the tests, it’s been six months since my checkup and there are things going on with my body that brought up concerns, so I sent an email to my doctor. We had a phone conversation and he requested tests. I would have done them sooner, but I was waiting to find out if they needed to be fasting tests or not.

I feel better for going and just doing it, which is something I never would have done a year ago. My temp was 96.1, I’m feeling good.

Have you been to your doctor’s office in the past three months?


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