Day 86

Shelter in Place Day 86It’s a long one I’d like to call, what I did early this morning.

Remember I told ya’ll that I was going to have blood tests taken? Well, I did and heard nothing until I saw a phone message just as we were headed to bed. At 945, my Dr left a message for me saying that my blood sugar came back at 516 and I need to go to an ER to have them regulate it.

This poses a huge problem because The Husbear does not do well with maps or driving late at night. Also, I have Kaiser and the closest ER’s were South Bay and Downey. I’ve only been to South Bay, so we headed there. I missed the correct exit and we had to take driving through the cornfields Waze exit. We find the ER and The Husbear can’t come in. He stays in the car.

I head inside where they give me another sticker, my temperature has now become 96.6, I wait in a line six feet apart. It’s about 2230 [1030 PM]. I get checked, they take my blood pressure, and then I’m told to wait. I ask how long it’ll be and they say they can’t let me know. I ask if I can go out and visit my Husbear. They said, “The thing is, if they call your name, you have to start over again.”

I ask, “How many people are in front of me.”

She says, “What’s your name ma’am?”

I laugh and say, “I’m a guy, but how many people?”

The answer was five, but there were like 10 people in the waiting room. So I head out and say hello to the Husbear and explain that if they call my name, I have to start over. He tells me to head in and he’ll see me in a few. I go back inside and sit down, the guy beside me has been there for 45 mins, and a few mins later my name is called.

I follow the nurse to a chair and this guy says, I’m Dr. WhateverIcan’trememberhisname. He asks what’s the problem. I explain the situation and he says, ok, follow the nurse. I do, They need to take more blood tests. I sit in the chair and there are four large tubes I’d never seen before, and five other tubes, plus a urine sample was needed.

The large tubes were for blood cultures, and after the nurse showed me where to take the sample and directed me to the nurses’ station inside the ER. It’s around 2330 or 1130 PM. I hand in my sample and he says, ok… go back to the waiting room, we’ll call you.

I said, “I thought I was in the emergency room.”

He says, “We’ll need to run your tests and we have no open beds in the ER, right now.”

“So how long is this going to take?” I ask.

He looks at his watch, “Well, it could be as long as three hours, or a lot of people could all discharge at once.”

I shuffled back to the waiting room and two hours later they call my name. I’m given a bed and the nurse says they tested my blood sugar and I’m not at 720, so they give me 2 liters of saline and an injection of Insulin around 130 AM. And I wait, I try to sleep, but there’s no pillow. I try to adjust on the bed in a tiny gown.

I finally have to go to the bathroom again, so I buzz the nurse. I also ask for a big boy gown, and now I feel comfortable. I was also asked to take another urine sample. The bathroom is on the complete opposite side of the floor. I get it done and take it back to the room. They gave me ice, instead of water. It was good hospital rabbit pellet ice.

I also ask how to use the remote control. She points out all the buttons and I’m searching for something, anything, but I still don’t grok it and give up. At 230, they check my blood again and I’m down to 555, at three they come in and add another liter of Saline and give me another insulin injection. At 330 they check my blood again and it’s 427. We’re going in a downward direction.

I’ve sent a tweet to one friend because she wakes up at four. I sent a message to my IG co-workers who rooted me on, I decided not to tell my mom, because I didn’t want her to stress out about it. And I tweeted about not expecting to be in the ER tonight.

At 430, I had to go to the bathroom, so she said, we’ll check your blood when you get back. I rushed down there and came back. She tested it and boom, it went up to 488. The Husbear is exhausted because he didn’t feel safe falling asleep in a parking lot in a city he didn’t know. And I needed sleep because we have a delivery today. I said to the doctor, look I can’t stay any longer.

She said, fine you want to go I can’t stop you, but I’m here tonight too. So, when your blood rises again and you need to have us lower it because we didn’t get it lowered for you. I’ll be here to see you again. I let The Husbear know the options and he said, it’s your health that is the most important. You’ll stay there until they say you can leave.

\So, at 500 I get a fourth liter of saline and another insulin injection and it’s a waiting game. The Saline is on a high IV stand, the nurse says it drips faster the higher it is. I accept it and at 530, I send a text to my mom. Text me when you get this message.

I fill my mom in on what’s taken place all night. She asks if I want them to come out. I tell her no, that I’m in the ER and they wouldn’t let you in, I mean The Husbear’s in the parking lot. She says ok and I tell her it’s cold. She says it’s a good sign your blood sugar is lowering. And says, ask for another blanket.

I say, “Another? I never got the first one.”

“Do you want me to call them?” She says, “I’m a damn good Shirley McLain.”

“No,” I say.. I get a little sleep, using my T-shirt as a pillow. [they didn’t give me a pillow, either.] And, the nurse comes back in and takes my blood. 388 from 720 is pretty good, but was it good enough to get me out of there? It was. I told them to bill me, I’d been there since 1030. I get in the car and The Husbear is groggy and listless and tired. I tell him to sleep, but he wants to know everything. So, this is a lot of what I told him.

We’re home now, our Ikea delivery is between 1000-1400, so I’m heading to bed for a couple of hours sleep. Kaiser was nice, it was just eight and a half hours, I would have rather stayed in bed for, but the good thing is I’m aware of what happens when I don’t take care of myself. Here’s to taking better care of myself.

Have you had an emergency room, non-COVID issues?


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