Day 88

Shelter in Place Day 88

We jumped in with both feet yesterday. We trashed out our fridge and pantry. We threw away so much food. Stuff we shouldn’t have been eating. The stuff on the floor was trashed out and the items on the counter are being donated to our temple.

The fridge is bare now, but I’ll be shopping today, we’ll be stocking up on the right foods we should be eating. I’m embarrassed we let it get this far, but those numbers were serious high. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment later today at 1040 and I’ll be picking up my tester and strips soon too.

We’re serious about this, the Husbear and I had a long talk and we’re in it for the long haul. I want to thank everyone for their suggestions, but we’ve got a plan we’re following that’s going to help us get to a healthier us. We aren’t looking at it to lose weight, we’re looking to get diabetes numbers under control.

I just got off the phone with my doctor. He was very concerned and also agreed with the food choices we are making. We are doing Keto, it’s been known to reverse A1C’s, mine is 13.7, it’s super high. He also upped my intake of Metformin. I told him that we were starting at 100g carbs, then reducing to 50g, and ending with 20g over the next two months.

He said that when new diets come out, he tests them for himself. He said his wife likes it, but that he hated the carb flu. I said that’s why we’re lowering our carbs slower, not cold-turkey. So he pushed my blood tests out to two months so I can work on getting this under control.

I’m going, to be honest about everything. By posting my blood test results and the food I’m eating, I think it will keep me humble and aware. The number one thing I request is that you don’t tell me how to eat. I’ve got the Husbear, who knows the ins and outs of everything Keto. I don’t mind if you send me recipes or encourage me, but please don’t tell me I’m doing it wrong or tell me how terrible it is for me.

I don’t mind you telling me about what you are doing in your life because everyone’s bodies are different. You do you, and I’ll do me and we’ll all be happier in the end. [I didn’t intend for that to sound dirty, but I’m a romance author, what do you expect?]

What have you changed in your way of eating for the better lately?


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