Day 91

Shelter in Place Day 91

We got a large new cabinet for our bedroom, but we needed to take apart the old computer cabinet that we were using. Wow, was it put together well. It must have been back in the old days when my dad and I were stronger.

We’d had it for a while, but there wasn’t a computer in it, and what we wanted to store in it didn’t fit. I hate it when people leave old furniture out in front of the apartment buildings, so I chose to unscrew everything and dump it in our bin. I started out saving all the screws, but the last two boards ripped out of the socket, so I just tossed it and shrugged. I suppose if someone finds it, they can fit it together.

It took a long time, and I was in Zen mode while unscrewing and listening to Small Town Dicks. The Husbear set to vacuuming the room, he was still at it when I got back. (I wore a mask, even though I didn’t run into anyone, and I washed my hands. I don’t know if anyone in this building has it, so better safe than sorry.) Anyway, he was arguing with the vacuum. It’s fairly new but wasn’t picking anything up.

That’s when we discovered the hose was clogged with shreds from the paper shredder and cat hair. So, another zen moment on the floor pulling out the scraps and shoving a broom handle down the hose. It was tense for a bit, but I stepped away and he finished it. I bet it looks great.

Next on the list will be a lunch break and then pulling the Ikea cabinet into the room to build. It’s huge, I can’t wait to get into another zen moment, with something else to listen to. Once this is in, we’ve got one more cabinet for the front room. We’re still waiting on it since Home Depot lost it. Once it gets here… more zen.

What do you listen to when you’re doing mundane tasks like building or cooking?


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