Day 92

Shelter in Place Day 92

Well as you might have heard Disneyland is planning on opening up on July 17th, it’s 65th. In order to do that they’ll have to call us in early to reopen things. The department I work in is entertainment costuming. We basically do the shows and parades, and a few other things. 

They want us to start working, in fact, they’re planning on calling some of us to start working in the next week or so to get ready. Managers, general leads, and core trainers for sure.  

They’re going to call by seniority and we’ll have the option to say no, then they’ll put our names at the bottom of the list. I personally do not feel safe going back out to work this soon. Look at what’s going on at Universal Orlando. Even if the park isn’t opening until the 17th, and I don’t deal with the public. I’m thinking about the close space in the offices. 

Too soon for me. I’ve got my health, I haven’t fully figured out my eating for my diabetes. And The Husbear has a heart condition, what if I bring back something that someone didn’t know they had? Just too many variables and I’m not ready to risk it right now. 

People keep saying that it’s safe, that we’re in the second wave. It’s not the second wave, folks. We’re still in the first one. Too soon, it’s just too soon to get a huge amusement park back up so that they can have a 65th celebration. Disney’s great at marketing, perhaps they could do a “Turn Back Time” celebration next year and celebrate the 65th in 2021. 

I know a lot of people want it open. I know that people are excited to be outside, to be eating at restaurants, to be going to bars and shopping. And I know people want to ride a ride. But when it does open, there won’t be shows or parades or character interaction. And there’ll be social distancing. And I keep thinking about the times I’ve shopped at Disneyland, do you realize how many things people pick up, look at, and then put down? 

I can’t repeat it enough. Too soon.

I know I keep asking is it too soon, but is it just me? Is it too soon?


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