Day 94

Shelter in Place Day 94

The article I linked below is just one more in a slew of celebrities disappointing their public in 2020. First, it was the Bon Apetite’s editor-in-chief, who resigned after an old photo of him resurfaced in brown face. As well as finding out that none of the BIPOC staff got paid for being in the youtube videos at the BA Test Kitchen.

The trouble is far from over at the BA Test Kitchen as more and more people are airing hurt feelings and microaggressions. Old tweets and photos are popping up all over the place from various sources.

The latest scandal is from Erin Condren, a woman who made a killing in the planner market. I mean I spent nearly a hundred bucks there this past April. I know plenty of people who’ve invested in her planner system for years. But, so many are disappointed and disgusted by her latest behavior. And, I’ve wondered if what she did will bring an end to her company.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that’ll happen. Most people won’t have an issue with what she did or said. But, I know among many of my friends who are EC devotees, they have decided not to purchase from her again. And the sad reality is that there are many more people who won’t hear about it or care.

We put so much faith in the people we admire and when you find something out about them, about what they believe or fight for. When we find out they are racist or toxic or just plain hateful we are devastated and search for someone else to admire and praise. Maybe we should admire and praise ourselves or those close to us that we learn from?

I’d love to say that I’m a saint, and have never said a bad thing or used an incorrect word describing someone, but that’d be a lie. I have in my past been an insensitive prick. I’m getting older and am working on being a better person. For any I have offended in the past, I am sorry. But the word sorry has become such a crutch. Even for me. I mean, I apologize for saying sorry too much, sometimes.

Who have you admired that you lost faith in this year?


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