Day 95

Shelter in Place Day 95

I never was into Twitter until the Pandemic. Now, every morning when I wake up at 3am for an hour of insomnia, I find myself scrolling through tweet after tweet. I’ve got my favorite people I follow and discover so much more about the world than I feel I ever can on Facebook. In fact, I copy said tweets and post them to Facebook. 

One of my fav follows is Dan Rather. I grew up watching him on the News. And he’s had his own scandal, but he came out of it a different journalist. Lately, his voice is one I seek out, one that I enjoy reading. 

This morning in my insomnia, I found something he’d said about a handmade sign he’d seen in the window of a Texas store.

“Take care of yourself. There are some wonderful days ahead. Dream big.”

I agree with the sign and him. That’s the spirit we need to be thinking. We need to make this a reality. We need to believe in it. 

For the past couple of years, I’ve picked a word and made it my word for the year. I chose THRIVE this year, however, I’ve done anything but. So, today I decided to change my word for the next half of the year to BELIEVE! 

I believe we can change the world that’s bringing us down. I believe if I take care of myself, I’ll only get on a healthier path. I believe that there are wonderful days ahead. I believe that I am a great writer. I believe in big dreams, I believe we’re living through this period in our lives so that we can see the best in us at the end. 

It won’t be easy, anything worth having is usually hard to get. But, if we believe in ourselves we can surpass all this hate and racism and misery and death. If we can find ways to support each other I believe we can be happier. 

Dream Big! I’d love to see more people find a word for the next six months. 

If you’ve chosen a word for the next six months, what is it?


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