Day 96

Shelter in Place Day 96

Things changed this week and I went to a new store for groceries. Mother’s seemed like a good place until I got to the register and realized I’d just bought $50 worth of veggies. Stocking up for our new way of eating. I ended up at Trader Joe’s for the rest, but I don’t think I’ll be at Mother’s again. We’re going to try out Sprouts, next week.

I got home around 1330, used a couple Clorox wipes I was able to score last week, and wiped down with a paper towel. We figured, we’d wipe off the veggies when we use them, and tomorrow I’ll be prepping the majority of them for the week.

We discovered this awesome food blogger/YouTuber @downshiftology, Lisa Bryan. We’re doing her food prepping system. She preps food the Sunday before, not the same dish every day, but a lot of different foods, so that your fridge is basically a mini bar of food that you can gather together. Spiralized zucchini, cut carrots, celery, and cucumber. Hummus, nut butter, cooked chicken. You name it she’s got a way for it to go together.

Her recipes are amazing. I made her avocado egg salad for lunch today, with fresh herbs and homemade mayonnaise. Tonight I’m baking chicken in the oven, 8 thighs, so we’ll have leftovers for the rest of the week. And I made a lemon vinaigrette dressing for a salad tonight. I swear, I’ve never felt better.

And finally, we saw our hairstylist. Shannon Does Hair in Long Beach, Argonne, and 4th street. I was angry at the number of people without face masks, or around their neck. The Husbear got shorn first, and I headed to the Ace Hardware to see if they had mason jars. The guy helping me had his mask beneath his nose. When I found out they didn’t have what I needed I left and a girl came out of the register area, with her mask pulled down her face, and as I turned to leave the other guy behind the register had the mask beneath his nose.

I got back to my car and tweeted my anger, even decided to tag the AceHardware. No one had masks on, it’s so inconsiderate. By the time I finished the tweet it was my time to get the hairs cut. I feel like a new man and I’m no longer going to be mistaken for Heat Mizer.

Have you gotten your hair cut yet?


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