Day 98

Shelter in Place Day 98

I’m not gonna lie, I was really scared when I got in the bed at the ER. Before that, I was like, ok. My numbers are high, how bad can it be? It was bad. It could have gotten worse. It was the scare I needed to get me back to eating right. We’ve been down this road before, I’d eat terribly, then I’d hop on a diet. We’d be starved for desserts and I’d say, we can get this ice cream or look, these cookies are gluten-free, let’s get those. Like a bouncing ball, I’d fall off and dribble around the court, then I’d toss myself back into another version of another diet. 

But, I can seriously admit that I’m not looking at this as another diet. I’m looking at this as my way of eating. I’m looking at this as a way to longevity, to being around for my Husbear, for my parents when they’ll need me. I’m making choices that feel good for me. And my test numbers are showing it. 

Yesterday I had energy for the first time in a while, I got the final things from our shopping list. We’ve decided to prep our food for the week. Not the same dish all week, but so that we can reach in and make what we want. I poached five chicken breasts in chicken broth and they are cut up in a container. We sliced up cucumbers and carrots for snacks. We destemmed the kale for a meal later in the week. I have a container of crumbled bacon that I baked in the oven, so crispy and tasty to place on salads and other things. 

Today on my docket of things to do: Spiralize the zucchini, make some egg muffins for the days we want something simple, and hummus for those carrots and celery. The dishes are amazing too, yesterday I made a green shakshuka, you might have seen a picture. And today I’m making asparagus, shrimp, and avocado salad. We also have a small herb garden on top of our microwave. We’ve placed them in containers with water so that we can just pick them as needed. Because a lot of the dishes we’re making use fresh herbs. 

This time has enabled us to make changes in our lives, better changes. We’re getting organized, we’re prepping and we’re both feeling better. 

Have you prepped for better times?


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