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Dee Aditya is an Aquarius, and like all Aquarians, she’s a little strange and a little random. When she’s not trying to get her hands and words to cooperate, she often contemplates the mysteries of the universe (Why is Yellow Yellow? Why are all professors so cruel? Why is saving money so difficult?), and sings along to mushy songs while cleaning her room. Dee is currently in uni, and like most college students, she is broke almost all the time, and will never turn down free food or free books.

Dee likes M/M, and loves romance, so that’s what she writes. Her stories tend to be funny, sweet, angsty, cheesy, fluffy, or some combination of those.

She has two stories that she wrote for the Don’t Read In The Closet event up for free on Smashwords, and both of their sequels are coming in 2016. For more information, head to her blog – you can find the link below.



CC: How do you write?
DA: I prefer writing at night, when my family is asleep and there’s no one asking me to run errands. I’m a night owl, so I’m at my most productive between midnight and 3 am. Usually I plot beforehand, and write the outline in my notebook. Then I type the fleshed out scenes on my laptop. The next day I review and edit the previous day’s work, and then start writing the next part. Sometimes I play music that seems to go with the emotion of what I’m writing because it helps me channel my thoughts better.

CC: Have you written characters that are someone you know?
DA: Not entire characters, no, but I do borrow certain personality traits from people I know in real life. Like Haylee in Caffe Latte, whose no-nonsense attitude is based on my best friend.

CC: Is there a genre you haven’t written, but would like to explore?
DA: Fantasy! I always wanted to write a book with magical creatures living in a different dimension than the human plane of existence. The magical creatures secretly save the humans from other magical bad guys, you know, something like that. I even have names and magical abilities picked out for the characters 😛

CC: What was the first thing you ever wrote?
DA: Hmm, I’m pretty sure the first thing I ever wrote was the alphabet.
*laughs alone*
The first story I wrote was about a girl and a puppy she rescues. It even had a moral lesson about helping others in need and everything. I swear, I was such a dork when I was younger.

CC: How do you choose names for your characters?
DA: I just look up names from a random baby name website and consider if a name suits the character or not. Certain names have a ring to them that sound more posh, some others sound common. So I bestow names depending on a characters personality.

CC: What do you do to stop procrastinating?
DA: This is a very difficult thing to do because I’m the kind of person who almost always puts things off till the last minute. It’s horrible and I’m trying to change that, especially when writing. I find any excuse to procrastinate, and as a result I waste a lot of time. Awful business, really.
One of the steps that I’ve taken to reduce distraction is to use an App called Forest. It lets you set a time limit, say 30 minutes, at the beginning of which a seed is planted in the app. If you finish your set time without touching your phone, you’ll have a full grown tree. But if you try to open social media or anything like that when the timer is running, your plant dies. The aim here is to grow a whole forest, so the more live trees you have, the more you’ve focused. My dead tree to live tree ratio is 3:1, but I think I’m getting better. Forest is supposed to be for people who’re trying to get rid of phone addiction, but I find that it works well for me to make sure I don’t distract myself with my phone.



Be sure to check out Dee’s blog, she uploads short flash fic’s every Thursday, you can find them under the Thursday’s Tiny Tales category.

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