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DJ Jamison grew up in the Midwest, and is the living embodiment of the “red-headed stepchild.” She’s an avid reader and has long been a writer and editor, with more than a decade spent in the newspaper industry. When she’s not laboring over her works of fiction or reading ridiculous amounts of books on her phone, she freelances as a blogger and social media marketer. She is the author of Ashe Sentinel Connections, a gay romance series centered on the staff at a small-town Kansas newspaper and the sources they connect with while doing their jobs. She’s planning to release a gay new adult romance, “Catching Jaime,” as well as a fifth book in the Ashe Sentinel series (“Hard Press”) this summer. DJ lives in a small Kansas town with her husband, two children and four glow-in-the-dark fish.

Ashe Sentinel Connections books 1-4 are available through Amazon. Some are available through other bookstores such as ibooks, Scribd, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and aRe, as well.

“Catching Jaime” is due to release July 1. Pre-order is available on various bookstores.Catchingjpeg

CC: If you could meet one author to have dinner with, living or dead, who would it be?
DJJ: I hate this question. I have no answers and too many answers – but to pick just one? I know in the LGBT genre, I’d really like to have dinner with Kaje Harper, and hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet her at GRL. She runs a LGBTQ YA group on Goodreads and I really admire her dedication to it. She’s a great author, and I’m not sure enough people know that. Honestly, it’d be amazing to talk with any author I’ve read and enjoyed; I admire their talent so much and they inspire me to keep pushing myself.

CC: What do you like about being an supporting author at GRL?
DJJ: Being exposed to more readers will be great, but I really wanted to meet other authors and have more of a network available to me for support and camaraderie. It’ll be fun meeting readers in the genre, and I’m a reader as well as an author, so I’m sure I’ll have my fangirl moments as well.

CC: Have you written something out of the m/m realm?
DJJ: I’ve written one new adult m/f romance. It’s a spin-off from my gay romance series, and the sequel goes right back into the m/m genre. Honestly, I’m more drawn to writing the m/m stories, so I’ll probably stick with that most of the time.

CC: Which social media do you love? Which do you just not get?
DJJ: Facebook makes the most sense to me. I don’t do so well with the more visual ones, and I absolutely don’t get snapchat.

CC: Have you ever reinvented something you wrote five or ten years ago?
DJJ: Yes, absolutely. Some of the books I’m working on now are works I started 10 or more years ago. My perspective has changed in that time, so some of them have been vastly reinvented.

Be sure to follow along weekly, as I interview another 23 GRL authors as we count down the weeks to Kansas City. Next week, we’ll meet Lei Carol.

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