A mans standing with his thumb in the top of his swim trunks.

Brent and I had been looking forward to the weekend. Our bosses had made huge demands on both of us all week, so when my Uncle Neil asked if I wouldn’t mind house sitting for the weekend, I jumped at the chance.  The house sat on the beach. Through one sliding door, across a small wood patio, you stepped down into the hot sand.  House sit?  Hell yeah!  We’d thrown our luggage into the living room and I started undressing even as we searched around the place.

As I bent down to untie my shoes, I spied his bare feet in front of me.  My eyes moved up the tanned legs to rest on a pair of gold swim trunks that left nothing to the imagination.  Brent and I had fooled around several times. In fact, I’d only suggested sleeping apart in case we found guys to be with later.  My hands stopped untying and my eyes moved up his body.  He grinned that stupid grin that can get me to do anything he suggests. He started twisting his nipples; his lips glistened as he licked them.  Rising to my feet, I moved toward him like he was a magnet and I was metal shavings, so quickly was I upon him… it.

My hand rested on his little ledge of cock.  I knew this wasn’t going to take any skill. Hmm… I stood in front of him, one hand lifting his chin so that I could plant a kiss on his lips. With the other, my fingers slipped up the fabric to his waistband and slowly slid the gold Lycra down.  As I’d expected, it jumped between us. My fingers wrapped around hardness, drawing him to me.

Still holding my prize, I knelt deliberately, leaving a million kisses down his chest. My lips gently kissed the tip as my mouth opened, and I eased myself down his length.


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