Railroad tracks running off into water a willow tree beside it.

There was a knock at the door, Mama turned to open it and in walked two people in robes. One was a course brown, and the other was a blue-grey linen. They covered their faces, all I saw were two figures moving, nearly floating across the room. But that wouldn’t even be a surprise as I’ve already seen so many other odd, strange things today. I felt a strong hand slip under my elbow and looking over my shoulder I noticed Jeb standing right behind me.

He leaned down and whispered. “I’ll be with you the entire time.”

Mama announced, “The investigators have arrived, it’s a name for you to understand.  The rummagers worship the Goddess Aebhel, they are in tune with everything around them, and work in complete darkness. Jeb please take Eoghan to the basement.”

There were quiet whisperings, Mama pointed to my wrist, and both heads rose just enough for me to see in the linen, a pair of iced, almost clear eyes. From the course brown robe were two eyes that were deep dark pits of chocolate.

Mama nodded her head. “Yes, Jeb take them now, the sky is gaining darkness, and they insist they need to prepare before the rising moon hits its peak.”

We turned and Jeb led me down the hall to an opening; I hadn’t remembered seeing, much like all those doors in my basement long ago. Behind me I could hear the soothing of robes upon the floor. I heard a gentle tingle of chimes, and a knocking of wood. We descended the steps into the darkness; it was so dark, I could not make out Jeb before me, if it wasn’t for his hand holding mine, I would have gotten lost. A golden light illuminated an ornate wooden door, and Jeb took me to it. One twist and the door opened to reveal another dark room, with more stairs. Where the golden light was coming from, I did not understand, perhaps the couple behind me had pocket lights. Finally, we came to a large rock formation.

Jeb led me to the center. “Kneel, Eoghan and make sure we clear away everything.”

I reached out with my hands, but felt nothing. “There is nothing to clear away.”

With those words, the golden light illuminated the rock, where thousands of little bugs scurried away from the light. They startled me, turning to look for the source of the light when the woman let her eyelids descend to blacken the room.

Jeb whispered, “It is not appropriate to stare at the rummager, she does us a service, we shouldn’t profane her.”

I lowered my head in the darkness, “I am sorry lovely one.”

There was another voice, a masculine male voice. “Her name is Derwa and I am Hurlee, in moments we will surround you with light, and I will rummage through you to find what is connecting the two of you still. Jeb, you may undress Eoghan.”

“Wait… what?” But the caress of Jeb’s fingers down my shoulder, as he removed my shirt, I believe he left small kisses on my shoulders as his hands worked around my body to unbuckle my belt. “I think I can do this part.” Our hands rest upon one another and it took several minutes before either of us moved our hands.

Jeb moved in front of me, and I felt his soft lips upon my own as he spoke once more. “Soon, Mama… we will be together, till then, I am honored to be here soothing your transition.”

I felt the pants slide down my legs. He’d followed and pulled off shoes and socks and I sit there naked as the day I entered the world. Even in the darkness, I was self conscious.

“I am moving behind you again, Mama.” And it was flesh against flesh, he was planning on riding this through, whatever this was. A man in blue, a woman in brown, her chocolate eyes becoming golden light. What, I wondered did the man in blue-grey have up his robe.


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