Railroad tracks running off into water a willow tree beside it.

Jeb – my “Fathers”–was behind me. It was comfortable to feel him grow near the small of my back, leaving a million kisses along my shoulders as his hand clasped mine at my waist.  I leaned my head back.  “Do you know… what will happen?”

His lips continued kissing. They felt like a smile had appeared on his lips, but the words out of his mouth told me differently.  “No. I’ve only heard tales that it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world.”

The man in the blue linen robe stood before me, speaking with me through his crystal blue eyes as they gained a cerulean glow. It was like staring at the sky, or at the coolest ocean of Greece; it bathed us in his sensual blue light. His robe fell away and onto my feet; he was without clothes beneath it. 

I couldn’t stop myself. I struggled with Jeb to reach out my hand to him, to bathe in the blue light. Sand whispered under his feet as he moved towards me. Jeb’s lips still pressed against my back as the blue man leaned forward to suck my bottom lip into his mouth, his head tilting back as he gripped it.

Blue energy flowed around us, engulfing us, flooding us with sheet upon sheet of electricity, as though we would get electrocuted. 

The naked man moved closer and placed a hand on either side of my body, sliding over the tops of Jeb’s hands. His breath wheezed in, and his hands dropped away. 

His voice billowed like a willowy wind through my mind.  Do not resist, it will not work. Up… on your knees for me!Under its demanding, controlling force, I could not help but obey. But as I moved, I realized it was not meant for me at all.  

Jeb was no longer behind me.  Instead, he stood to my side.  I looked up at the naked man through the blue haze of his energy into beautiful blue skies… and then a roiling pitch of black and a bright white strike of lightning across the sky blinded me as I cringed my eyes shut against it. His hands seized me and moved me as he wished, while the afterimage tattooed itself into my eyelids.   

His body was on top of me. I watched as he entered me, gasping as his lips pressed to mine, sliding lower, lower.  His voice was still whispering through my mind. “Look for Ethan, I can only remain for a moment more… show me his face, the face you see…”

My body holding two forms within it… my eyes closed, the tears trickling down my cheeks as Ethan says something ridiculous. His soft lips searing kisses into my shoulders, down my chest, over my belly, down, down, till he engulfs me.  My fingers snake though his curly blond hair; my hips shudder as I dance against his waist.  He takes in all of me, grasping my ass.  Him pressing in, deeper, then pushing him away, but he holds firm, swallowing and breathing in all of me. He is sliding off, and I can’t help it–I switch positions so that I can enjoy all of him as much as he’s enjoying all of me.  Then she’s walking in as I slowed and she’s screaming and kicking me out of the way…  

Then lost and alone all over again. Blue light seeping away through the cracks in the rock. He removes himself from my skin, flesh parting, skin sliding on skin, as good as any fuck, as sensuous as the time Ethan shoved me against the tree in the rain, ripped my pants down and slammed into me hard, biting the back of my neck and pinching my nipples… 

I came back to myself as Hurlee withdrew from my body.  He was solid above me, his hands cupping my face and wiping away the tears.  

“I’ve found him, because of her.” His eyes were clear now, not a glow in sight.  He blinked twice and hovered mere inches from my lips as he whispered, “We will get him.” 

I shuddered and trembled, asking, “If I hug you, will you slide in again?”  If I was hopeful, I couldn’t tell you, but I waited in anticipation of his answer.

“No, I must concentrate to make that happen. You’re safe, child.”

At the words, I placed a hand on either side of his head and a testing kiss upon his lips. When I pulled away, I saw my Fathers–my Jeb–kneeling beside me.  I watched, dazed, as Hurlee reached over to Jeb, placing a hand on his chin, pulling him closer, and leaving a soft press upon his lips.  

Hurlee bade me rise to my knees, and pulling my face to his, placed another delicate kiss upon my lips. 

Jeb and I moved closer to each other, and I saw him, all of him.  My eyes had been closed to his full body by the clothes he wore. He wore no clothing now. Shaking, I fell into his arms, my hands caressing and gliding over his taut chest, his strong arms. Finally, I rested on his upper body, with his hands in my hair, his fingers weaving in and out and twirling the ends.

Our companions stood beside the rock in blue and brown linen, speaking in whispers. He held up a square piece of glass and they whispered sibilant chants over and around it, kissing it, blowing air across it.  Still more chants as Jeb engulfed me, comfortable and warm, rocking me, soothing me. 

The chants drifted away to a hissing end, and Derwa’s voice echoed in the small space.

“We have the coordinates. Get dressed. We must leave, and time is short.”

Jeb helped me to dress, pulling up my jeans as I fumbled my shirt on over my head. As he buttoned and zipped, he leaned in for a kiss.  “How did it feel?” he asked, his eyes twinkling even in the dimness.

“Like the best sex I’ve ever hand,” I sighed, a smile touching my face even as the dim memory of Ethan faded from the experience.

“I hope I can live up to that,” Jeb said, as he finished buttoning my shirt.

I grinned. “We’ll see… Fathers.”

Turning to Hurlee, we saw that Derwa had already departed. At our raised eyebrows, he nodded. “She is seeking the girl. We feel the male, and he misses male companionship. Come, Eoghan. We will follow your passion.”


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