Hank Edwards – August 24th

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Hank Edwards is a curious mix of practical realist and feral dreamer with nearly three dozen books and short stories published. His body of work covers a host of gay romance genres from humor to paranormal to suspense to time travel. He also writes the Young Adult Fantasy Gay Romance Town of Superstition series for Harmony Ink Press under the pen name R. G. Thomas. He is currently in the final stages of writing Choked Up, the fourth book of his Up to Trouble suspense series, and is anticipating the upcoming release of Swamped By Fear: Critter Catchers Book Three.

CC: Which social media do you love? Which do you just not get?
HE: I love Facebook. I enjoy being able to interact with people on that platform, and it seems much more personable and free flowing. I have a Twitter account and use it sometimes for promotional tweets, but I have trouble following conversations on Twitter and keeping up with new posts. I tend to avoid Twitter unless I receive a direct message from someone.

CC: Have you ever had a trailer made for one of your books?
HE: I have! My amazing husband put together a trailer for my medieval time travel gay romance novel Destiny’s Bastard. He even put together the music for the trailer. I absolutely love it and think it’s a great video.

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CC: Have you dreamed about your characters and been able to write down what happened?HE: This is a great question! I have come up with plot points in stories in my dreams. The most recent idea came to me a few weeks ago. I had not been sleeping well all week, and that Friday after dinner I took a nap on our sofa. I’d been working on edits for “The Battle of Iron Gulch,” the third book of my Young Adult series, and was pondering how to proceed with the next book in the series. As I was waking up and still in that blissful state between sleep and wakefulness, the answer came to me. I saw a scene of my characters interacting and heard something like a voice over explaining it, what I like to refer to as my internal “resaonator” or the voice inside my head that provides the reasoning for an event or character’s behaviors. I love when that stuff happens!

CC: Have you self-published or would you consider self-publishing?
HE: I do have several books and short stories self-published. I am fortunate enough to have an amazing graphic designer for a husband, and he creates all of my books covers and swag items. He came up with the idea and design for the always popular Fluffer Balm lip balm that disappears so quickly at GRL and Pride Fests! But I digress… I have some of my work self-published, and some of it through a publisher. These days I’m sticking mostly with Wilde City Press because I really enjoy the way they treat their authors, the editor I work with, and the cover art is amazing. I’ve just pulled the last of my books from Loose Id where I first started publishing gay romance e-books (My first books were the Fluffers, Inc. Series, which was more gay erotica with a splash of romance) and I have self-published those books and am working on more original self-published stories even now. I also have a series of short story collections and individual short stories for sale, which are easily found on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, or Apple iBooks. Just search on my name and you’ll find the two Dirty Dozen collections or numerous Salacious Singles. I like self-publishing not only for the larger royalty I can receive, but for the freedom I have. And for anyone considering self-publishing, I encourage you to put some money out to hire an editor. Seriously. Nothing kills a book’s sales more quickly than mistakes, both spelling and grammar related, and character inconsistencies. It’s so important to have someone else read through and provide feedback.

CC: Can you work on more than one WIP at a time?
HE: While I’m working on a book, I can make notes and think about an upcoming writing project, but I really am a one book kind of writer. It’s all or nothing with me, and once I finish a book I can move on to a new one. Not the fastest way to write, but I think it helps me to stay more in tune with the characters and the storyline.

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