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He’s an author. But he’s also a forty something male who clings to the illusion of still being twenty-seven (his pen age!), despite his body’s daily reminders to the contrary. He’s married to the most amazing man, and together they have a beautiful son, Sascha. He considers himself a citizen of the world, having lived on two continents and traveled extensively through another three. He has friends all over the world. When he’s not writing, he likes to do public speaking or training (his professional background) to actually earn some real bill-paying money. He’s not sure this author thing is ever going to get him there…

CC: Is there something unusual that has influenced your work?
HH: Isn’t that in the eye of the beholder? What is unusual to me may be common place for someone else. But you could say that fatherhood is still unusual in the LGBT community, and I hope that sexual abuse and rape are and always will be. Those are three things that have found their way into my writing in some share or form again and again. It’s difficult to deal with some of these concepts and writing can be extremely therapeutic…

CC: Where do you get your ideas?
HH: Well, apart form what I just said, it can literally be anything. I wrote a short story the other day after having read an article about World War II. Sometimes it’s books I read, or a stage production. Sometimes it’s the bigger things that are lingering on my mind: life, relationships, love, children, and the questions I have with regards to those topics that inspire me.

CC: What is your favorite “How To” Book?
HH: Must be “Internet for Dummies”, an instructional book we used back when I taught how to use the Internet in 1995. Seems so long ago, and someone reminded me of that yesterday. That book had several hundred pages filled with things we simply laugh about today. And much of what was “da shit” back then isn’t even around any more. It’s kind of a legend that book.

Having said that, I also like an old Swiss cooking book from the nineteen-thirties that I inherited from a great-great uncle who was a chef at Buckingham Palace at some point (probably for the corgis. My relatives on that side all have a penchant for illusions of grandeur). It’s geared towards restaurants and creating menus at prices we merely shake our heads at today, and the portions weren’t for two or four, but always at least twelve. Another cool trip down memory lane (not that I have any personal recollections from that time, that was before my parents were even born…)

CC: Are you a plotter or a pantser or a combo of both?

Totally a pantser, although I don’t like the word. I write character driven fiction which means I have no control over where a story goes, or at least very little. I may have an idea about something in theory (e.g that someone will do this or that at the end of a book) but I never know how it’s done until it’s written. I hate it when my characters die on me in the middle of the book. Reapplying all that mascara is a total bore.

Jokes aside, it happened more than once, and I never know how to fix it. Thankfully, my subconscious is amazing and has – knock on wood – so far always gotten me out of trouble again.

CC: Do you have any writing rituals?
HH: Drink lots of coffee, write, read, drink more coffee, bathroom break, write, read, drink more coffee. Repeat. In reality, above the coffee, it’s really boring. i always listen to music and I write. Nothing glamorous, no scones or muffins, no neck and back rubs, no retreats or anything of that sort. Just boring writing at a desk or in my lounge chair.

CC: Have you ever destroyed any of your drafts?

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Jonathan’s Legacy – the final book in the Jonathan Trilogy  9/29

Jonathan’s Legacy returns to the roots of the Jonathan Trilogy: the love for those weakest amongst us, children, particularly the undesired ones, street kids who find new homes and love, just as Jonathan and Dan once had, in their youth.

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