February 5, 2016

Harney & Sons Blueberry Green Tea

Caraways Tea-Time


Harney & Sons Blueberry Green tea with vanilla and lemongrass. The smell is amazing, it hits you instantly. Beautiful and seductive. It’s got the sweetest smell, I’m getting sugar overload just smelling it. There is a hint of vanilla in the background of every sniff.

From the picture you can see that the tea generally has a light amber color when steeped. I left sachet in longer, but I loved the full bodied taste and there was a lingering lemongrass tingle left on my tongue. The website says the tea has a smell of summer and ripe blueberries, and I can attest to this. It’s a smell that made me want to just sit and savor.

The leaves are in a triangular sachet. It hovers at the top of my paper cup. I sat there looking at the tea bag floating and wondered if the paper cup made the taste any different. I plan on going back to the store and purchasing a tin. They are sold in packs of 30 sachets.

The other day I read about a London Fog Tea Latte and I can’t wait to see how this tea will turn out in it’s own Latte version. Could be a sweet twist of taste.

I’ve come to realize that tea is as much am experience as it is a liquid to consume. I would drink his tea to calm my nerves, to relax my one and bring the end of my day to a comfortable conclusion. I found this tea at the Barnes & Noble at the Long Beach Town Center, but check out Harney & Sons for even more unusual concoctions of tea.

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